Neev Response to Coronavirus and Distance Learning 


Message to the community: Roadmap of Learning@Neev - 03rd July 2020


Hope you all are doing fine. As mentioned in our last communication, please find attached a Roadmap for your child’s learning journey at Neev in the academic year 2020-21. This roadmap is a detailed plan for both students of Early Years and Academy, learning in three different models depending on the situation/risk going forward. We stay firm on the commencement of the academic year 2020-21 on Monday, 13th July in an online/blended learning mode(Model 2) . We do believe that the best mode of learning is face to face and we are prepared for the same whenever the situation is safe for the children and in accordance with the government guidelines.

We would like to give you the weekend to read this document and if required we can have some information sessions next week to clarify your questions.

Our commitment as always is learning continuity for all children entrusted to our care.

Neev Roadmap for learning

Stay Safe,
Neev Academy Team

Message to the community: Learning & Growing Together@Neev - 23rd May 2020


Hope you are all safe and healthy. Despite the gradual lockdown lifting, its probably advisable to keep children home in the coming weeks.

We are working on the assumption that physical classes will start from Academic year 2020-21. This may evolve to comply with new norms, to partial opening, or even revert to online learning.
Essentially, in the short-term, we don’t know if we are at the start, middle or end of the virus. So thought it would be useful to revisit some long-term stuff; learning, human capital and strategic planning.

Learning; This is always our first guiding principle and the basis of all planning at Neev. Continuity of learning is about age based transitions, and enriching experiences on a learning continuum for children; children's growth across all domains, and at all ages, is rapid and cumulative. Development and early learning provide a foundation on which later learning is constructed. The challenges of online learning for teachers, students and parents (especially of younger kids), in our community, were more than compensated by no learning loss for our children in the last 2 months. Online learning has created important implications we are now considering for our physical program as well; microplanning, flexibility of time/place/space, greater voice/choice/ownership to learners, digital connect across home/school, etc. When & if we need to resort to online learning, a lot will change and evolve based on the experience and ongoing research, with more time, than the overnight transition we had to make. The holidays are a much needed reprieve but its important to avoid summer slide for your child by finding the middle ground between structure and chaos through healthy holidays routines, controlling passive screen time, and building the right habits. A continuity of high-quality experiences is important to supporting children's development and always needs thought and engagement from us as educators and parents. The breadth vs depth dilemma is often captured as 'Less is more', but it is crucial to remember that less needs depth. The curated lists shared by our librarians with books for all ages, and our college counsellor for online highschoolers courses, at leading Global and Indian universities, are some guidance. In the flood of resources and websites that are emerging we are gathering some we find good on this webpage of summer resourcesthat we will keep updating. We hope the lifting lockdown soon gives way to allow the outdoors too; while experts globally share thoughts on learning from home, at this point it's important that - kids go out and play!

Human Capital; The only real asset for a school is human capital; teachers, culture and continuous teacher learning. Our strength lies in constantly stepping up our capability balancing our internal growth with some lateral entries for expertise in both, teaching and administrative teams. Neev has a solid track record of growing leadership from within, visible across Early years and Academy in our academic heads, center heads, coordinators and middle leaders. But in the last few years, with growing complexity of programmes, we have also balanced this with mature leaders joining us and bringing great wisdom to our energy and vision, some of Academy's leadership and Central Admin team heads. Recent joinees include a leader with 20 years of IB experience to lead our Science department at Academy joining in June and our new IT head who came on board March (without whom the online transition would not have been as smooth). We wish exiting teachers well, remain selective with new recruitments, as also admissions, always strengthening our community in skill, attitude and values particularly.

Strategic Planning; COVID challenges all organizations and we thank our community for their continued support that allows us to think about Neev 4.0. This is organized around 6 pillars; Recognising Identity, Learning Driven by the Environment, Challenging Ourselves, Making Thinking Visible, Being Disciplined, and Contributing to Community. These pillars have been invisibly present in all we did, but we have now surfaced, articulated and refined them, to ensure their pursuit, through our governance and pedagogy via multiple projects. I invite you to read more about our strategic planning process for Neev 4.0 and share your thoughts. Neev 4.0 is about building sustainability, trust and impact through strengthening processes, strengthening vertical and horizontal learning alignment, change informed by data, and stronger systems for supporting our growing teacher community of 200+teachers. Non-profit Schools have one asset –human capital – that needs some infrastructure. Any strategy needs resources and in our case these are fees and donors. In compliance with government guidelines, we requested voluntary fee payments from parents. I wanted to thank the large proportion of parents who have paid their fees despite circumstances. All parent emails with specific needs for delayed payments of tuition fees have been handled mindful of individual needs with privacy. Neev is a not-for-profit foundation, and nonprofit organisations have lower flexibility than other organizations, and schools even lower given the time it takes to build teaching practise. All funds generated are used, and our biggest expense is salaries. We continue to meet all financial commitments to teachers, staff, vendors and facilities maintenance. It is our duty to be sensitive and responsible in these challenging times and our strategy balances frugality in all expenditure while ensuring delivery of best practise learning that is our raison d'etre.

All our updates for the last 10 weeks are on the COVID19 and online learning pages for both Early years and Academy. Our online learning sites will also remain active for a couple of weeks for the convenience of our community. And on that note, we close for two weeks now. Administration and leadership are back in school on June 8, librarians on June 15, teachers on June 22, and students on July 13...Inshallah. We hope to hold the graduation for our K2 cohort and our first DP bravehearts on July 18, a week after kids come back to school.

We are building a generation of happy, caring, well-rounded learners, and we know that isn't easy. And I am always grateful for the support of parents who are with us in deed and spirit on our endeavours, even as we recognise the need for stronger communication to truly be able to work together. The oldest and strongest emotion in mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest fear, is fear of the unknown. But as Nelson Mandela reminded us, your choices should reflect your hopes rather than your fears. This is my dream for Neev and our children.

I look forward to seeing our kids and all of you in the monsoon semester IN

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Head of School, Neev Academy



Message to the community:End of Year DP update 18th May 2020


Another year gone by, but quite a different one to finish, as we all are trying to cope with a new way of life.

Pre DP (Gr 10): It was a blessing in disguise. When G10 IB exams were called off, we seized the opportunity to put in a high-quality Pre DP programme immediately. Media Literacy Course with multiple experts pitching in created great insight into Science and Economic impacts of COVID 19. Srinath Raghavan’s great books have been a huge success to me since I see a surge in the number of students who make History as their choice in the DP. ‘Telling a Story with Data’ by our own Math experts, has introduced the students to best analyse the Data, model them and make predictions using technology. Our science modules kindled the spirit of inquiry, investigations and laid a perfect platform for the DP launch in sciences. We were truly encouraged by the enthusiastic participation by this cohort in these courses. This makes us plan more such courses on an ongoing basis in future. Students will receive their transcripts and certificates soon.

Well utilized six weeks has laid a foundation for their DP. Many Congratulations! Welcome on Board!!

DP1: The teachers have met to reflect on our eight weeks of Online learning. Our achievements, challenges, new learning strategies and resources we have experimented with, what part of it can be taken to physical classroom learning etc were the focus. We will certainly take advantage of this blended learning to bring about more joy into our face-to-face learning too. It was good to notice that our teachers have managed to keep to our original time line of curriculum coverage in most areas even in this format.

Our End of year report that reflects the learning in Semester II, has been shared with you. When we have our End of Year exams in the beginning of next year, we will update this record with Exam grade. By then this report will complete in all respects.

With no internships happening and no scope for travel, we have taken advantage of taking a lot of Extended Essay work and other subject specific coursework to complete during this summer so that our Grade 12 submissions meet the quality benchmarks we have set in less-stressed environment. DP teachers will continue to track the students during the break. Over and above some reading list, and other useful online courses list have been shared with you to explore.

DP2: With all Pre University courses ending last week and some task in this week, officially G12 students are now off from the school rolls. We wish them well in their endeavour and we will be happy to support in any manner we could. They are always welcome to the school as our guests. July 18th 2020 is the likely date of our Graduation. More information will flow in the times closeby. We have shared number of online course recommendations for them. The IB final results will be released on July 6th. Students are expected to be in School that week for collecting their transcripts.

Based on attendance, regularity and quality of routine submissions, participation and summative tasks, students will be presented with a transcript and certificate for each course of their Post DP Programme soon. These will be shared on email now and the print certificates and transcripts will be collected when the students next visit the school in July.

Have a restful and productive summer break!

Best Regards,

Umar Jaffar

Head of IB Diploma



Message to the community: End of Year Middle School update - 18th May 2020


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.’’ Says Master Yoda to Luke Skywalker in Episode V of Star Wars.

Our online learning experience was exactly this. For us, trying to do online learning was not a choice we had. For a middle school student, eight weeks of learning is crucial and we did not have much room for errors. We either do it or we don’t and wait for the conundrum to settle and take it up from there. But we chose to do it, and we did it!

It was a truly enigmatic learning experience for students, parents and faculty. Every day, there was new learning in some classroom or the other, whether it is the discovery of the use of breakout rooms in Zoom, or using a different platform like Padlet or changing your background on Zoom, endless possibilities and endless ways of incorporating them in our online lessons. Online teaching and learning gave us an opportunity to reflect on our own teaching practices and also evaluate the potential of our students.

Updates from Middle School:

  1. 15th May 2020 was the last day of this Academic Year and something magical happened with all the students across Grades 6 to 12 and teachers of senior school coming together for this year’s final assembly via google meet; separated by COVID-19, connected by the power of technology!
  2. The Term 2 reports for MYP grades 6 to 9 were released on Thursday, 14th May and ICSE grades 6 to 8 were released on Friday, 15th May.
  3. Holiday homework in Mathematics, Language & Literature and Language Acquisition have been uploaded on Managebac and Google Drive for Grades 6 to 8 of MYP.
  4. Holiday homework in Mathematics and Second Language have been assigned to ICSE students of Grades 6 to 8. ICSE students have also received project work in certain subjects.
  5. Holiday assignments have been sent separately to the Learning Support students.
  6. Information regarding holiday homework has been communicated to the students by their respective subject teachers.
  7. Like every year, the summer reading book list for all grades will be sent via email.
  8. Another first! The Virtual Visual Arts exhibition by MYP students of Grade 8 titled: ‘Art tells a Story- Expressions of Hope’ has received a great opening with more than 300 viewers visiting the site. I would request all parents to visit the Virtual Art Gallery to experience the journey of our young artists. https://sites.google.com/neevschools.com/thearts/home/visual-arts/contents-yc

For students of MYP Grade9 (now Grade 10):

  1. Students have started their Personal Project journey and will be working on the first phase of their project during the summer. They all have been assigned teacher supervisors.
  2. Extended Math students will have special Zoom sessions during the summer break. Parents and students will receive notification through Managebac.
  3. Students have received focussed homework/ study material for specific subjects during the summer break and the same have been uploaded on Managebac and/or Google drive.

For students of MYP Grade 10 (current academic year):

  1. Grade 10 students have completed four modules of intensive Pre DP courses in Media Literacy, Great Books, Mathematics and Sciences. Each student will receive their scores for the Pre DP courses soon.
  2. The IB MYP results for e-Assessments will be released on 1st August 2020.

I wish all parents and students a restful summer break.

Stay safe, stay happy.


Best Regards,

Gouri Kar

Middle School Head and MYP Coordinator



Message to the community: Online Learning update - Week 8 - PYP - 13th May 2020


“It always seems impossible until it is done.” - Nelson Mandela

Creating a Virtual Art Gallery is yet another milestone through the online learning journey. The Arts team has put together student’s expression through different art forms, which reflects their unique identity.

This link https://sites.google.com/neevschools.com/thearts will take you to “The Arts” page of our website. Please login with the student’s email ID.

Visual Art - Gr 1, 2 & 3

William Wordsworth once said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” Our students did just that!

They expressed, “HOPE” - the world at the moment needs hope and when children create it through the arts, it turns into magic where everyone starts believing in it.

Enjoy the visuals on, “Expressions of Hope”

While in the virtual art gallery;

  1. Be patient, when you enter the virtual space.
  2. You can use your mobile and laptop for experiencing the virtual space, though we suggest a laptop for a better experience.
  3. Use the home tab on the google site, to enter ‘the arts’ > Select the art form > select the grade you wish to see.
  4. The artsteps portal is quite a user friendly, but you can click on "i" on the top right, to understand how to navigate through the virtual space.
  5. While you ‘walk around’ you will see footsteps leading you to the direction you are heading in
  6. A virtual layout of the gallery is seen on the lower left which allows you to know where you are.
  7. Click on the image to see the details of the artworks.
  8. Some of the artwork has audio/video embedded to be clicked on. Please make sure the volume is high to hear. Press stop after viewing and before you move to the next visual.
  9. In order to leave a comment, kindly login to artsteps
  10. At the end of your tour, close the website so as to avoid the net traffic to the site.

Drama - Grade 4

Moving away from Neevotsav, Spotlight is a format where students take the responsibility of creating and developing theatrical performances. The Grade 4 students explored the art of Storytelling and applied their skills of imaginative role-play, physical theater, into their performances of Storytelling. Considering this being a first-ever virtual spotlight performance, students faced challenges to work out of their comfort zone to collaborate virtually and create a performance.

Music - Grade 5

Through music, the students will take you on a journey into folk ballads. They will perform on the recorder, ukulele, and keyboard, the popular, haunting melody "Greensleeves".

Some important updates:

The Feedback reports for Term 2, will be uploaded on Veracross on, 14th May 2020. The summer break will start from 16th May 2020. The school for the next academic session will reopen on 13th July 2020.

We hope, you enjoy the different lines of thinking and the flow of emotions that art evokes.

Have a great Summer Vacation!

As always, Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus



Message to the community: Online Learning update - Week 7 - PYP - 4th May 2020


We are almost to end this academic year with positive hopes for all the members of our learning community.

The online learning for us started with great apprehension from how to continue to teach online, slowly we moved into worrying about how to get students to turn-in work. The Seesaw and Google Classroom sorted this out for us. Insight into our student's work and providing continuous feedback has ensured, the objectives are assessed and data fed into the feedback reports. We will be uploading Term 2 Reports on the Veracross platform as per the school calendar on May 14th, 2020 .

Novel study - the synchronous classes with students have provided us with an opportunity to interact and engage in discussions. We hope you too are enjoying the discussion of the novel with your child. Do encourage them to describe, to infer and reason out their thinking. These discussions are powerful, they develop and nurture ways to think and understand ideas - and we hope ‘grow readers for life!’

In the Week of 11th May , we will be celebrating student’s expression of arts, through a virtual art exhibition. It's a wonderful opportunity to see our student’s hopes and learning from this pandemic situation. A reminder, requesting students to follow the submission deadline as shared by their respective teachers.

May 15th 2020 will be the last day of the current academic year as per the calendar.

Have a wonderful & safe week ahead!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus



Message to the community: Online Learning Update - Week 6 - Middle school - 28th April 2020


In one of his recent articles, essayist and novelist Pico Iyer writes what the world was becoming before COVID 19, ‘…there’s so much clamour around, we can’t hear ourselves think (or not think)… We can’t hear anything wiser than ourselves, we can’t hear what the world is saying to us and we can’t hear one another.’ This lockdown has made us pause and value the simple pleasures of family life, like reading together, cooking together, teaching our children what household chores really mean, playing scrabble the good old way. A recent UNESCO report says that 90% of the world’s student population is impacted by the nationwide closures due to COVID 19 pandemic. We are now in our sixth week of online learning and we have been able to ensure continuity of learning for our students and have miraculously been able to meet most of the learning objectives for the current academic year.

Teachers and students must work in tandem to ensure a successful online lesson. It is indeed gratifying to see that in the past few weeks, many of our students have become responsible for their own learning and they seem to have found their rhythm on self-regulated learning. However, from last week we have started to face disruptions in work submissions and also attendance. I would once again like to reiterate the expectations from students:

  1. It is expected that students will complete assignments for ALL classes during this online-learning experience. The teachers are sending mail reminders to students and sometimes even to parents in case of delayed or no submission of work. We seek your cooperation in ensuring that work assigned is submitted on time. We are trying hard to adhere to the report card deadline of 14th May.
  2. Students will be held accountable for work during this time
  3. Students should log in each day to view assignments, and complete them in a timely fashion. Students (and parents) may contact the teacher via email using the Neev Academy email ID with questions or concerns regarding assignments.

Updates on Middle School:

  1. Summative tasks are well underway for Grades 6-9 of the MYP and will be completed early next week.
  2. Formative assessments are being done for few subjects in the ICSE; most have already been completed
  3. Syllabus for ICSE students are near completion
  4. Grade 10 students continue with their Pre DP courses in Mathematics and Sciences along with the optional modules of Media Literacy and Great Books. The Pre- DP courses definitely have set a tone for the rigour and depth which the Diploma Programme entails.

Since the past two weeks, the library team @ Neev has started taking reading sessions based on the current Humanities units of the grade. On completion of the Summative Assignments, the Humanities faculty will also join forces with the library team in yet another novel endeavour from our end to bring reading into the lives of our students.

We would like to thank our parents for providing the kindle editions for the following books:

Grade Book Title and Author        Connection to Unit/Topic of Study
Gr 6 MYP Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman Urbanization (I&S)
Gr 6 ICSE The Lightning Dreamer by Margarita Engle South America (Geography)
Gr 7 MYP Zane and the Hurricane by Rodman Philbrick Natural Disasters (I&S)
Gr 7 ICSE The Murderer's Ape by Jakob Wegelius Europe (Geography)
Gr 8 MYP The Crescent Moon: Poems and Stories by Rabindranath Tagore Culture (I&S)
Gr 8 ICSE The First Forty Nine Stories by Ernest Hemingway Short Stories (English; In Grade 9)
Gr 9 The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh Migration (I&S)

Online sessions are not restricted to lessons alone. Mid- April, my colleagues and I had a session on subject choice with our Grade 8 students and parents. Many of our educators are now attending Webinar sessions and connecting with international educators across the globe; social learning in the true sense.

In the midst of adversities, at Neev, we are learning that profound positive change is possible, it has brought us closer, we can see what is strong and what we value, what matters and what doesn’t.Stay safe, stay happy,

Best Regards,

Gouri Kar

Middle School Head and MYP Coordinator



Message to the community: Online Learning update - Week 6 - PYP - 27th April 2020


“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn.

A month into virtual learning, this journey has been an inquiry process for all of us – questions leading to more questions as we bump into our Aha Moments! and new challenges. Truly, we all have grown as learners. Our online journey started with asynchronous class, sharing lesson plans then moved to synchronous class occasionally where students interacting on a Zoom calls. And now, the PYP Arts team brings to you the experience of a Virtual Art platform to showcase students’ learning. This will go live to the Neev community in the week of 11th May 2020.

Sharing below some of the details for us to work towards Grades 1, 2, & 3 - Virtual Visual Art Gallery. In Visual art, over the year students have been experimenting on different media, techniques, and skills. They explored different art movements and styles and had fun in discovering a wonderful magical world of Art through reading aloud, field trips, videos, and being exposed to different artist's work. The students will share all their learning by creating an art workpiece.

The students are working on the art task and the submission date for the same will be shared by the art teacher in the art lesson plan.

We request you to send a high-resolution image of the artwork for creating the virtual art gallery. Please send the artwork pictured in the below email ID, mention the child’s full name, class/section, and title of the artwork.

Name Email id
Visual Art PYP YM ym.visualartpyp@neevschools.com
Visual Art PYP NC nc.visualartpyp@neevschools.com

Grade 4 - Virtual Spotlight - Theatre Performance

In Theatre, the focus for this trimester was to apply physical gestures and vocal skills through a storytelling format. The students have been learning to take a physical theatre approach to storytelling. The students will create a performance - for not more than 5 mins either individually or by virtually work in pairs or in group choosing a story related to any culture from across the world or the Arabian Nights that they have already worked on. While submitting a video clip of their performance. They would need to upload -

  1. Video format: mp4
  2. Video resolution: 1080p or higher
  3. Camera orientation: Landscape mode
  4. Please choose your location and create a setting appropriate for your story
  5. The students will upload the video to Google classroom.

Please note: If the submissions are in this format, putting the videos together would be easier.

Grade 5 – Music Concert

The students have had the highly challenging task of learning music online this trimester, acquiring skills for playing instruments and composing music. Now we venture on a journey to bring this term's learning in the form of video production of Greensleeves. We will share snippets of students’ learning and growth. While submitting a video clip of their performance. They would need to upload -

  1. Video format: mp4
  2. Video resolution: 1080p or higher
  3. Camera orientation: Landscape mode
  4. Please choose a quiet location while recording music
  5. The students will upload the video on Google classroom

Please note: If the submissions are in this format, then putting the videos together would be easier.

You all have been most supportive in our endeavour towards online teaching-learning.
Thank You for your cooperation!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus



Message to the community: Online Learning update - Week 5 - PYP - 20th April 2020


“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” Robert H. Schuller

COVID 19 has made us all resilient learners.

We have completed four weeks of online learning, staying strong through these weeks teachers have prioritized what’s most important in terms of their instructions and their connection with students. This is the beginning of week five, all PYP students are working towards their end of unit assessments in UOI. In March when we started the unit, we consciously planned and designed this unit for about 4 weeks - so, we would be ending unit 6, on Wednesday, 22nd April.

Moving ahead, from 23rd April, each grade will start with Novel study. The teachers will use the novel as the focal point to build students’ literacy skills. The books chosen for each grade are age-appropriate, engaging and relevant. The novel is also integrated with the Writer’s Workshop that we have been engaging with right through the year. Below are the novels for each Grade. We hope you have bought the e-version of the book.

Grade 1 - My Life in Pictures by Deborah Zemke - Opinion Writing (Book Reviews)

Grade 2 - Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot by Anna Branford - Narrative Writing

Grade 3 - Charlotte's Web by E B White - Opinion Writing

Grade 4 - Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen- Opinion Writing

Grade 5 - Butterfly: From Refugee to Olympian by Yusra Mardini - Personal Narrative

For Grades 1 and 2 parents will support in reading the novel with their child. Teachers will share a lesson plan to help you engage with the novel. Going ahead from this week teachers will meet the students over zoom once a week to discuss the novel. The teachers will share the details of the same in the daily class schedule.

For Grades 3, 4, & 5 Novel Study will happen in small groups along with their teacher. This session will happen over zoom thrice a week. The class teachers will keep the students informed of the time and day through the daily class schedule.

The next few weeks, students will continue to work on developing Literacy and Numeracy skills. Math lessons will continue as usual to strengthen Numeracy skills. The 2nd Lang and other specialists (PHE, Visual Arts, Music, Drama) will also continue to post the lessons in the daily class schedule.

Happy Reading!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus



Message to the community: Online Learning Update - DP - 12th April 2020


I write to give you an update on the DP activities in the past week.

DP 2 students have managed to submit all their coursework. English HL had a text to complete; a large part of it has been covered and concluding classes will be held in the next week. The final oral examination in Hindi, French and Spanish have also been completed online. We are still trying our best to accomplish the visual art exhibition as a face-to-face activity with special permissions from the government. The students concerned are posted on the development. The online check-in sessions in CAS that were planned last week and planned for next week will bring our DP to a close in all its requirements.

For DP 2, we have designed and executed a pre-university course with the following modules:

  1. Course 1: a mandatory course titled "Epics, Ancient Texts and Myths" By Samhita Arni
  2. Course 2: an optional course titled "Great Books’ Study – India’s War" by Srinath Raghavan
  3. Course 3: an optional course titled "Media Literacy" by Rahul Jacob and Team

These courses are aimed to enrich them and enable them to understand the expectations in college of reading extensively, contributing to class discussions, balancing debate and dialogue, expressing viewpoints rather than passive listening, respecting cognitive diversity, disagreeing without being disagreeable etc It is expected that the grade 12 students rise to facilitators' expectations and strengthen themselves at the same time. These courses are graded for school credit points to earn Neev Diploma. Please note that Attendance is mandatory for the students till the end of the Term.

DP 1 online classes have been on as per structure. As we are in the third week of the online programme, students will receive a survey on the programme shortly. There were a few security breaches in Zoom sessions. The school has addressed them and stepped up our security settings.

Internship programmes planned for Gr 11 needed to be called off owing to the present conditions. If the lockdown is extended, it is highly likely that we will put off our end-of-year exams for Gr 11 to the new term. We may conduct the exams a week after our return from the summer break. We will confirm this in the time to come.

Best Regards,

Umar Jaffar

Head of DP, Neev Academy



Message to the community: Pre-DP courses - G10 9th April 2020


Please find attached the descriptions of two optional Pre DP courses. We have started both the courses from Wednesday and the students have opted for either one or both of them.

Click Here for the PDF

Best Regards,

Gouri Kar

Middle School Head and MYP Coordinator



Message to the community: Online Learning Update - Week 3 - Middle school - 9th April 2020


As COVID 19 continues to deluge our world, we have now started to accept the new normal of WFH and also LFH (Learning from home). We are in our third week of LFH and our educators are making earnest efforts to provide a semblance of routine for our students. It is indeed heartwarming to see our students adopting this novel way of learning with élan.

The students of grades 6,7 and 8 have been actively reaching out to their teachers for any challenges related to technical glitches, work submissions or even asking for some extra time over and above the deadlines! Grades 9 has truly been behaving like high school students with no delay in submission, being patient with the technical glitches and having their own zoom sessions for collaborative work. Our ICSE Grade 8 students who have moved into doing their Grade 9 syllabus with great ease, need a special mention.

The MYP Grade 10 students have been impacted the most with May 2020 eAssessment examinations being called off by the IB. Their final Arts portfolio is near completion and other internal components required by the IB have already been completed. We have started the Pre- DP course for Grade 10 from this week with two optional modules; the details are shared in an earlier email. All our Grade 10 students have opted for either one or both these modules. From next week we are also starting the compulsory Pre DP-modules on Mathematics and Sciences. The schedule for Pre DP will be posted on the Neev Academy Online Learning site.

We will continue with our online learning till such time we receive any clear government directives.

Assessment, Grading and Reporting

Middle Years Programme

Grades 6 and 7- We will be reporting based on the year’s performance and will also take into consideration the recent formative assessments which some of our teachers are conducting online. The current unit will end with a summative and the grades for that will be considered as well for final reports.

Grades 8 and 9- End of year examination has been cancelled for this academic year. We will follow the same reporting pattern as Grades 6 and 7 of the MYP. For Mathematics, we have decided to conduct a comprehensive two- hour examination at the beginning of the next academic year which will cover all the math syllabus of the current academic year. We will release the date of the examination before we close for the summer break. This is only for students of Grade 8 going to 9 and Grade 9 going to 10.


The end of the year examination for Grades 6,7 and 8 has been cancelled. We will base our final report on the Term 1 scores as well as Formative tests and Unit Test 2 of Term 2. We will, however, finish the required portions for ICSE via online learning.

This week we encountered few disruptions in our Zoom platform and our IT department took immediate measures. The following are the steps our educators are taking to ensure digital safety.

  1. Locking the meeting once it is in session so that no new participant can join.
  2. Having all students "wait" in the Waiting Room and be admitted one by one instead of all at once.
  3. Setting up two-factor authentication with a meeting ID and user password.
  4. Turning off file transfer and screen sharing options.
  5. Disabling private chats among participants.
  6. Refusing the ability to re-join once a student has left the meeting.
  7. Using the latest version of the Zoom app which has enhanced security options
  8. Instructing students to use no alternative profile pictures and profile names
  9. Keeping the Video On is compulsory for all Zoom lessons.

An appeal: You have been most supportive in our endeavour towards online teaching-learning. However, few students are not reporting to their synchronous lessons or joining in late. I would request you to monitor your child’s attendance during the synchronous lessons and assignment submission during the asynchronous ones. Do help your children to set routines which will enhance their LFH experience.

Thank You for your cooperation.
Stay Safe, Stay Happy!

Best Regards,

Gouri Kar

Middle School Head and MYP Coordinator



Message to the community: Online Learning update - Week 3 - PYP - 8th April 2020


As we continue to navigate our path through the COVID 19 lockdown, your support with your child’s learning journey is much appreciated.

It is natural to feel overwhelmed, especially when we are moving quickly to adapt to change. The reality is that we are all figuring out what makes it work, but we need to treat it like a marathon and not a sprint, being prepared to learn from successes and misfires. We will all get better together - embracing a growth mindset

Responding to the feedback shared by you we are making some changes, but we do need to reiterate the need for continuity in learning. Summer learning loss is a well-documented fact and a worry for educators and parents around the world. A lowering of academic performance after a long break is apparent since students don’t practice academic skills during the break. The COVID19 lockdown just increases this risk. To ensure that our students do not face learning gaps, a holistic curriculum is developed, focused on cognitive, creative, physical, social and emotional development.

Teaching in-person and teaching online is vastly different. Unanticipated roadblocks students face while navigating this new territory need reflection and course correction. We are learning and making changes along the way without compromising on objectives. As children get familiar and accustomed to digital learning, with adequate discipline, they develop independence.

PYP Learning-from-home

Grades 1 to 3

We will make instructions more explicit, supported by audio so students can follow them easily. Reading time, thinking time and work time will be considered in the allotted time for each task. Grades 1 - 3 will use Seesaw, an online platform that creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families, to turn-in work for correction and feedback from their teachers. Grade 1 started using Seesaw last week, and Grade 2 & 3 will do so next week. The students will work on the tasks assigned to them, in the daily schedule, and upload the required tasks only where a link is provided for Seesaw.

In a week, homeroom teachers will assign 2-3 tasks for turning-in and specialists teachers one task. Students are expected to complete and post the task before the submission day. This is a sample of student’s work posted on Seesaw, with the teacher’s feedback, with expectations for the task turn-in. Your children will need guidance initially, but would soon be able to do this independently. Seesaw is known for being child-centric and building independence, and strengthening the relationship between teachers and students (and parents) through the feedback process.

Grades 4 & 5

Our older students have transitioned smoothly into Learning-from-home. The synchronous classes on Zoom have worked well - with children adapting to the expectations, raising their hand when they want to speak, taking turns, and showing restraint and self-discipline, which we sometimes struggle with even in regular classrooms. Grade 4 & 5 will now have two zoom sessions daily, at 8:30 am and 2:30 pm ending the workday for them, setting expectations, taking feedback, building relationships :). The Zoom link will be in the daily class schedules. Both grades are using Google classroom to turn-in assignments for feedback from teachers. We are very proud of how these two cohorts have adapted, especially grade 4, who have picked up both, digital tasks and google classroom, completely from scratch at this time. They have shown that they are strong IB learners who are inquirers and open-minded, risk-takers. We all now need to support them to be principled IB learners, respecting expectations.

In online learning (as in all learning), the challenge is to have a structure and discipline to function smoothly. Please ensure a daily learning schedule for your child, including productive online and offline time, maintaining deadlines, as well as regular personal routines - sleep/wakeup, mealtimes, chores to support the family, and also having fun together.

Be learning, be safe and build relationships!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus



Message to the community: Online Pre-University Programme - 6th April 2020


The students have completed all their Coursework too, except Individual Orals in Languages and Visual Arts.

Please see the details of our Online Pre-University Course designed exclusively for them in the attachment, which is set to be launched on this Monday. Since a few requirements are yet to be completed, I have sent a separate mail to the students for the session details for the week ahead. As our Term days are scheduled until 15th May, attendance is mandatory for them. Please ensure your ward attends Module 1 (mandatory) and the courses they sign up from Module 2 and 3.

Click Here for the PDF

Best Regards,

Umar Jaffar

Head of IB Diploma



Message to the community: Neev's Reading Resources Page - 1st April 2020


We hope both you and your family are finding the learning from home experience enriching and rewarding.

With a host of organizations now offering public access to their content, we thought it would help to have all the reading-related resources collected in one space.


Please feel free to bookmark this page and check back often for new updates.

We would also like to understand how best we can supplement children's reading habit. As we are unable to transport physical copies of books at the moment, we would like to understand if you would be willing and able to obtain e-copies of the books through devices and apps such as the Kindle instead.

Please do take 2 minutes to fill out the survey linked here. It will help us take our plans forward accordingly.

Thank you. Happy Reading!

Best Regards,

Neev Library Team



Message to the community: Information regarding May 2020 eAssessments - G10 - 1st April 2020


We trust you and your family are well and in the midst of discovering new avenues of learning that may also be virtual.

The IB has been tirelessly working to ensure continued learning for our students as well as minimal disruption to the processes of middle school exit programme. On 22nd March, IBO announced the cancellation of the May 2020 Diploma Programme examinations and we were informed that a decision regarding the May 2020 Middle Years Programme e-Assessment examination will follow soon. A survey was sent to all IBMYP schools and we were asked to provide information about our students and how they will use the MYP certificate as they continue their learner journey. Based on the survey results from schools globally, and keeping the health and safety of the students as a key consideration, we received an email from the IBO informing us of the following actions for the 2020 May MYP eAssessment session:

  1. May 2020 MYP on-screen examinations are cancelled
  2. e-Portfolio and Personal Projects grades will be issued
  3. MYP certificate will be awarded, reflecting achievements from a combination of Personal Project, ePortfolio subjects and predicted grades for other subjects

FAQs with further details will be provided shortly by the IBO and we will update the students and parents as the situation evolves.

We would like to acknowledge the feelings of our students at this time, especially an emptiness left by the cancellation of a culminating event in their lives--the IBMYP examination. It is often seen as the climax of the programme, and the subsequent vacation as a well-deserved interlude before a challenging senior secondary programme.

We are sensitive to this and are working to bring them close to the same sense of achievement with a proposed programme of study because the cancellation of the examination can also be seen as potentially a great opportunity for a Pre DP learning which will start shortly.
For tomorrow and the day after students will be completing the final draft of their Personal Project and their Arts Portfolio tasks as per the schedule shared on Neev Academy Online Learning Google Site. We trust that you will speak to your children and work with us in sustaining the momentum in learning.

We wish you good health and the joy of reading.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Neev Academy Team



Message to the community: Learning From Home - Week 2: Level Up! - 1st April 2020


COVID19 India lockdown continues till April 14th, and the emotional, and economic contagion will have a much longer tail than the virus. But epidemiologists are also beginning to cautiously express hope. This recent video by Dr.Larry Brilliant was interesting; he outlines a 100 year history of pandemics and answers questions.

Yesterday the Neev community completed the first week of learning-from-home (LFH). We are grateful to so many parents who have shared encouraging messages for teachers and the leadership and most of all for supporting the LFH in many ways. These memories will stay with us forever. Thank you! Teachers have adapted literally overnight to virtual classrooms, virtual planning, recording videos, reimagined labs and explorations, how art and drama are taught, reading and sharing stories, and so much else. This incident has connected the global teaching community in ways that are making all of us stronger by sharing hyperdocs, reviewing platforms, and amplifying best practices.

Senior school classes: Synchronous classes were seamless as our students are digital natives using Google sites/drive and our LMS's (Managebac /Veracross). They use ZOOM better than many adults, using the platform for breakout sessions for small group collaborations, besides having fun with it. The discipline around asynchronous work has taken longer to settle, with some extensions on task times with few students. Teething trouble with timetable clashes and lessons extending beyond time are now sorted. We realise that attitudes of learners, both positive and negative, are the same across physical and digital classrooms. A student often late to school had to be woken up with a call by a classmate (!). More disciplined students have clearly adapted to self-led choices with LFH much better. We are working with students on expectations, while stepping up learning in the coming week/s with the introduction of new methodologies for reading groups, explorations, small group learning, and some new platforms. With the cancellation of the DP (Grade 12) exam, we are supporting completion of course work for submission to the IB for grading this week, and after that, we switch to a unique pre-collegiate programme driven by Indian history/mythology, current affairs, and individual interests based choices. We have been informed by the IB early this morning on the cancellation of the MYP eAssessment (Grade 10) exams as well. Teachers have been talking with students to handle their disappointment, and are now planning for them differently towards the completion of coursework and beyond; more information soon to the cohort.

PYP classes: Since this learning is asynchronous, it has taken teachers more effort because they can't just transfer existing classroom plans, as they need different thought altogether. This has stabilized - for the teachers. With the PYP, the greatest challenges is getting the work back from students, for feedback. Grade 5 students are accustomed to digital learning, and the Google suite, and therefore able to share their work with teachers easily. Again, more disciplined students are adapting (and learning) better. Grade 5 teachers will update parents where more encouragement is needed to meet timelines of submissions, and they started with some Synchronous ZOOM sessions today, which certainly made our teachers very happy. Grade 4 has been exploring online sharing of comments and work via google docs and in the coming week/s will move forward with Google classroom, so that they can submit their tasks independently too. Grades 1-3 are still figuring out solutions and this week will be implementing a new platform SEE-SAW with only Grade 1 students initially. SEE-SAW does need an iPad or similar device to be dedicated to each child at home. Grade 1 teachers have tried the platform with teacher and student logins and are confident that this will help children be independent in accessing and sharing their work, after initial support from parents. In homes where a device cannot be given to a child, parents will have to share work pieces. We will make the sharing needs minimal so that they take as little time as possible. We have heard concerns from some Grade 3 parents on the LFH workload, and are addressing this actively.

EY classes: All the learning has been asynchronous and our EY teachers have recorded videos embedded into easy to follow plans. Many parents have been emailing children's work pieces back, and these have been absolutely lovely to see, encouraging their teachers to dig deeper within themselves to deliver more. A really special one is the recording shared by a parent of their toddler "interacting' with a ZOOM video of her teachers. Another special one has been a toddler parent sending us the list of completed tasks for the day, including watering the plants with a 'pichkari'. Keep it coming, parents! We miss our learners :) Most of our K2 parents are emailing the children's workpieces back now. Teachers are now working towards more integrated learning, with favourite stories embedded with age-appropriate numeracy and literacy tasks. Starting with 2 per week initially, we will progress to 3 such experiences for every class next week, and progressively growing this. What better way for EY learning than from favourite stories!

Some reminders for EY and Grades 1-3 parents:-

  1. login from personal email Id is not possible, only the school email id sent for your child will work
  2. the LFH plan for the day is accessed on one hyperdoc for each day and you need to go back to that
  3. LFH work must be sent back only through the class email id shared with you

COVID19 lockdowns have compelled us to face the new reality, which was already staring us in the face for the last decade if not longer; the digital revolution. In the last comparable pandemic, the Spanish flu, more than 100 years back,the digital world did not exist, and children just lost learning time around the world. With digital learning not accessible to many in India and the world, let's take a moment to be grateful for our opportunities. Give a thought as well to many children for whom these weeks/months will be a complete washout, further reducing their life opportunities sadly. COVID news is all around, and we are integrating it as best possible in online learning, but do discuss the longer history of pandemics, the current challenges and developments with your children, to build empathy and perspectives.

Keep learning, keep building positive values and attitudes, and stay safe.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

On behalf of the leadership at Neev Early Years and Neev Academy



Message to the community: DP FAQs - 30th March 2020


We trust you and your family are well and in the midst of discovering new avenues of learning that may also be virtual.

The IB has been tirelessly working to ensure continued learning for our students as well as minimal disruption to the processes attendant on a high school exit programme.

As an organisation, Neev has studied the IB's communications, consulted experts and our own team, and prepared a set of FAQs that have details specific to our context. We will continue to update these as the situation evolves.

We would like to acknowledge the feelings of our students at this time, especially an emptiness left by the cancellation of a culminating event in their lives--the IB examination. It is often seen as the climax of the programme, and the subsequent vacation as a well-deserved interlude before a challenging and exciting university programme.

We are sensitive to this and are working to bring them close to the same sense of achievement with a proposed programme of study, because the cancellation of the examination can also be seen as potentially the greatest opportunity for self-directed learning. We have addressed this briefly in one of our FAQs and will give you more details soon.

We trust that you will speak to your children and work with us in sustaining the momentum in learning.

We also offer you the opportunity to talk to our DP head, Mr. Umar Jaffar or our DP Coordinator Mr. Colin Kelman in case you have questions over and above the ones in this FAQ document. You can set up telephone calls with them between 2 pm and 4.30 pm this week.

We will continue to support our students through the stages of this slightly altered diploma programme and continue to build our relationship with them as alumni, as they soon will be.

We wish you good health and the joy of reading.

Best Regards,

Neev Academy Team



Message to the community: Online learning launch - Learning from Home - 23rd March 2020


Tomorrow, 24th March 2020, we start online learning for all students at Neev Early Years and Neev Academy.

We have enclosed an 'Online Learning Policy' for your reference, but to make the steps clearer, also enclosed is a presentation on 'Online Learning at Neev'. Parents of younger children please go over this with your child. Older children should be able to follow the steps independently. Do help your child (younger or older) get equipped for successful Learning from Home.

Students from PreK - Grade 4, are being sent school email ids, so please log in for your child, and change the password on first login. Please note that these email ids for our young students have been created temporarily to enable online learning only and must not be used for any other purpose. They will be disabled at the end of this period.

Students from Grades 5-12 already have individual email ids to access online learning as needed.

Students from Grades 6-12 need to download ZOOM on their laptops and sign in, before starting the online learning.

All required information is in the Presentation or the Policy.
Thanking you for your support and cooperation.

Best Regards,

Neev Academy Team



Message to the community: Visiting School for Resources - G6 to G12 - 23rd March 2020


As informed earlier, our Online Learning programme begins on Tuesday. Since we have closed abruptly, some students may want to visit the school to pick up their learning resources. Please see and adhere to the below schedule for this purpose

  1. Timings for visiting school is limited to 2 pm and 4:30 pm only on the days as listed below
  2. G9 to G12 - Tuesday, 24th March 2020
  3. On Wednesday, 25th March the school is closed for Ugadi.
  4. G7 and G8 - Thursday, 26th March 2020
  5. G6 on Friday, 27th March 2020

Kindly note that the entry restrictions into the school campus, as shared earlier, continue to apply. G10, G11, and G12 students need not be accompanied by parents; however, they are advised not to travel in cabs. For G9 and below, parents will need to accompany them. All parents and students will need to fill in the self-declaration form before entry and are advised to follow adequate safety precautions to maintain social distancing.

Best Regards,

Neev Academy Team



Message to the community: COVID-19 Update 5 - School closure/online learning – 20th March 2020


It is truly a lovely afternoon as I write this message, from our Yemalur campus, with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze. We miss our children here as do the leadership in campuses.

Important updates:

1. Neev Academy (Academy) and Neev Early Years (EY) will not physically open for any students or the teachers on Monday (March 23rd). This closure now includes the Diploma students (G11&12) as well

2. Online learning starts from Tuesday 24th March for 2 weeks. For:

  1. Neev Early Years (PreK - 2 hrs/day, and K1/K2 - 3-4 hrs/day, all asynchronous learning for now. Toddler parents will get Veracross updates with daily plans and ideas).
  2. Neev Academy (Grades 1-5 : 4 hrs of learning asynchronously, Grades 6-12 : 6 hrs of learning synchronously, with 20 min breaks between sessions)

Information sharing on the online sessions for Early Years and Grades 1-4, students will be with parents and for grades 5 - 12 directly on student emails. We are sure there will be glitches. Please be patient. Everyone is learning!

3. Online learning is expected to be taxing on learners, especially without the active human relationships of peers and teachers. We will plan all sessions recognising this. Doing more, with less, keeping objectives in focus, and making ourselves available during school hours to students. It would be great if families can also use this time for having some fun together. You may also want to consider small group activities for children, like book clubs, cooking sessions, or games while closely supervising to maintain safety, hygiene, and COVID restrictions. We discourage families from travelling. Another way to handle will be sharing books; many of our students will receive curated books from school that integrate with their ongoing units, as online learning creates the need for deeper exploration of themes while raising the opportunity of longer reading sessions at home. We have ordered many books this week, but suppliers are already warning us on possible delays because of import and freight restrictions. We will also share more book titles as the learning begins, you could also try and source some other titles in local book stores.

4. EXAMS/ EVENTS Updates from the education department (state and center) and boards require us to also postpone any exams/practicals scheduled in March. This immediately impacts some of our older students, specifically Grade 8 ICSE (term exams which likely only start with other term-end exams in the latter part of April), Grade 10 MYP (Art exhibition, Personal project completion, the start of IDU expected in early April) and Grade 12 (DP second language orals). The impacted students/families will receive communication from the heads of their programmes soon. The IB has emailed us that they will share decisions for implementation of Grade 10 & Grade 12 board exams by end-March; please expect a further update from us in early April. Most of the Grade 10 &12 externally assessed tasks were completed already, and some work that is due is being monitored by teachers. Eureka, our middle school science exhibition, is on hold for now. North campus's Neevotsav as well as Neev Jatre for our Queens Road and Koramangla branches that were cancelled in the week before spring break, will also be on hold for now. Please let all students continue to work hard, meet deadlines, and use their time fruitfully.

Self-declaration protocols for all visitors on campus/es are a requirement, and children under 16 years (below Grade 10) coming to school for any reason, must be accompanied by parents for signing the self-declaration. In addition to earlier routines, we are now beginning temperature checks at the gates as an added precaution.

Yesterday we had a call from a Grade 7 Academy student, to say that she was bored and wanted to come to school. I am sad to say that will not happen for a while, at least for kids. Let's keep our children's and our hopes and spirits up. As a wise man said 'no one can whistle a symphony, but together an orchestra can play it' - if we all move forward together, then success will take care of itself for our kids.

The Prime Minister in his address to the nation last night urged Sayyam (Discipline) and Sankalp (Determination). He also urged that essential services must continue. Since we have the privilege of living in a digital world, let's ensure we help our children take learning forward, equipping them with Discipline and Determination!


Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

HOS Neev Academy



Message to the Community: Holiday declared- Friday 13th March 2020 - Grades 6 to 10 – 12th March 2020


This is to inform you that as per a government directive (original Kannada copy enclosed), Grades 6 to 10 at Neev Academy Yemalur (both IB and ICSE) will be closed tomorrow Friday 13th March 2020. This is one day earlier than our spring break, and we request you/your children to check all updates on Managebac for IB and Veracross for ICSE, tomorrow morning 9 am onwards, for completion of work.

The school will remain open for IBDP (Grades 11 & 12) as usual.

Earlier this week we had received directives for the closure of preschools and primary school, and the new directive reiterates that but goes further to say that these are to remain closed for the summer, also adding Grade 6 to that list. The directive adds that Grades 7-10 must complete exams soon and then close for the summer as well. We do appreciate the safety concerns that are compelling the government for these closures quite dynamically, and at the same time are seeking clarifications on how we can best achieve the teaching/learning schedule of the 8 weeks of term remaining post-spring break. Besides Grade 10 and Grade 12 Board exams, we will also clarify how our timelines, teaching/learning needs and assessments can be successfully managed.

On a more positive note, in the last two weeks, we have been in touch with IB schools experiencing online learning globally, and in the past week, our teachers and IT team have been working round the clock to test different applications and platforms. Today we had a full day online learning trial for our Grade 9 braveheart learners, who enthusiastically embraced the new instructional approach. I am pleased to share that it was quite successful, of course with some challenges that are to be expected. We had planned to do a complete debriefing with the students tomorrow morning, which we will now attempt to do over email (or maybe online :)). Teachers will be ready to start online sessions for most of our students post-spring break.

In the meanwhile, our PYP students should have received their learning materials this evening. We will also be sharing these for the Early Years children, soon.

Please await further updates on all of this. These are trying times, and all of us at Neev thank you for your patience and trust.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

HOS Neev Academy



Message to the Community: PYP update - School closed, but learning continues! – 10th March 2020


Neev Primary Years, Yemalur and North Campus will remain closed until further notice. This is an official directive received as a preventive measure by the government. In the past few days, Neev has been carefully monitoring the quickly evolving worldwide health crisis resulting from the spread of COVID-19. It is important to remain calm at this time and avoid panic.

Although the school for the primary students is temporarily closed, learning will continue as follows:

  1. Virtual learning experiences that offer opportunities to focus on conceptual understanding, knowledge and skills
  2. Interactions involving a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks, based on the digital capability and familiarity of class cohorts


  1. Tasks will be uploaded via the Veracross Parent Portal by end of each day, starting this evening by 4pm - this system will continue for the next 3 days
  2. The teachers will share 3 to 4 hour tasks that the children can continue to do each day while away from school. Please do login to keep yourself updated
  3. Teachers will also share the schedule by which tasks will have to be sent to school for feedback
  4. Student work folders will be readied by the teachers to send out Thursday afternoon. Since the school buses are plying, folders for the children on the bus routes, will be sent to the relevant stops, and those not on school transport plan will need to pick them up from school. The return of student work will be similarly handled.

If the school closure continues beyond the spring break (last week of March):

  1. We will switch to google classrooms to make learning more direct
  2. Students of Grade 5 are familiar with google classrooms and google drive and they will adapt quickly, maybe needing some minimal support
  3. Students of grades 1-4 will need parental support to transition to distance learning, and we will share more information for this
  4. This is, as expected, challenging for families. As parents you would need to think differently about how you can support your child; how you can create structures and routines that allow child to be successful; and how you can monitor your child’s learning.

We request you to utilise this time as an opportunity, to read and read more to, for and with your child. Take care and be safe.



Message to the Community: PYP closed until further notice - G1 to G5 – 9th March 2020


This is to inform you that PYP grades 1 to 5 at Neev Academy Yemalur and grades 1 & 2 at Neev Academy North Campus will be closed until further notice following the official directive received from the government. As a result, Neevotsav for North Campus stands postponed. We request you to kindly keep abreast of all further information from school via email and login to your Veracross Parent Portal for class updates.



Message to the Community: COVID-19 Update 2 - 6th March, 2020


COVID-19 is causing anxiety, even fear in our community and across our country. It is a challenging situation for us all and we thank you for your support as we navigate the ever evolving scenarios.

While there have been further developments in the transmission of COVID-19 in India, the risk level in Bangalore and in India is still not high and the risk to children seems even lower. The Delhi government has closed all primary schools yesterday until end of March explaining that 'students of nursery and primary classes are too young to understand the risk making them more prone to infectious diseases'. But at the same time, we need to consider global reports; multiple sources, including WHO-China report, have shared that nearly 80% of COVID-19 infection cases are in those aged 30 years and older, and less than 3% of the cases are 18years and below. Of course we must keep our children safe, and we must do this as a community. Together.

So here is what we would like our community to follow:



The 'Affected Country' list in India is now updated to include more countries for the purpose of testing and Quarantine, as issued to hospitals, and as of this morning we are following this for self-declaration for visitors entering the campus.

Here is the updated list of restricted countries / locations:

  1. China
  2. Germany
  3. Iran
  4. Japan
  5. Spain
  6. France
  7. Korea
  8. Italy
  9. Singapore
  10. USA
  11. International Conveyance (Diamond Princess)



Please review our RESPONSE MATRIX that guides us as we prepare our school and community to respond to this developing situation. HEALTH & HYGIENE PROTOCOLS are being discussed with children in all classes. The response matrix is based on guidelines many leading international schools use. We are currently at Level 2 (Moderate risk), and are following all the guidelines of this level. We are preparing for readiness of online classes, and if there is a step up to Level 3 (Medium risk), school will continue to stay open (unless the government decides otherwise) and we will get the teachers and students ready for this so that learning can continue uninterrupted at least for grades 5-12 at Academy. Parents of children in early years and grades 1-4, at Level 3 will receive guidelines on how they can partner with their children and the school. The cleaning and hygiene in school is stepped up. External visitor protocols are running. We believe we are far from Level 4 (high risk) that would require school closure. You can see what the schools response is guided by if the risk level increases; all else in this update follows at Level 2 (Moderate risk) now.

Steps Taken by School


We are actively taking precautions to avoid unnecessary risks. All external visitors on campus will sign self-declarations with our ENTRY PROTOCOL and also be further guided by our HEALTH RESTRICTIONS. The following school events have been cancelled:

  1. March 12 & 13: NFSL swimming event
  2. March 9 - 11: NEASC accreditation (may be postponed)
  3. March 25 to 29: Pondicherry trip for senior school French students (cancelled because children were to stay in other families’ homes)

For now, all other activities will remain on the schedule as per the calendar. We are closely and diligently monitoring developments and will update the community as things change.

Steps You Can Take

On Potential Exposure

If, in the last 14 days, any member of your family has (1) travelled to any of the countries in the AFFECTED COUNTRY LIST, or (2) come in contact with someone who has either visited, visited from, or passed through any of the countries in the Affected Country list, or (3) shows symptoms of COVID-19 please take the following precautions irrespective of symptoms:

  1. Inform the school
  2. Self-quarantine
  3. Do not enter the school campus until after the March break, or at least 14 days after return to the country
  4. Comply specifically with our ENTRY PROTOCOL and HEALTH RESTRICTIONS

Multiple parents have reached out, especially in our early years, to inform us of their return from different countries. We request all parents do this and share other information as needed with absolute integrity.

On Unwell Children
  1. Do NOT send children to school who are actively taking medication to treat a fever. This restriction is in place at all times of the school year not just during this sensitive time. Your child must be fever free WITHOUT medication for at least 24 hours before being sent to school, field trips, learning journeys, or school events. Please do not risk either your own child’s recovery or the health of other children at school
  2. A child on antibiotics will require a doctor’s clearance to return to school. It is a myth that you are not infectious once antibiotics start. Each medication has a different period of efficacy; what is true for some is not true for all
  3. Do NOT send children to school with a severe cough/cold or flu-like symptoms
On Hygiene & Safety
  1. Brief your children on good practise, without creating any panic. All class teachers have been briefing them on HEALTH & HYGIENE PROTOCOLS, you could use the same list for your discussions
  2. The school has enough sanitiser bottles around all areas, encourage them to use these, as individual bottles are not only a distraction but are quickly just adding to lost property

Many children at Academy are bringing in notes that they are not allowed to swim, some of the children are panicking with half-information. Swimming is not unsafe in a clean pool. The school pool is an Ozone pool, topped up with Chlorine. We have cancelled NFSL swimming, not because of the fear of in-the-pool contact, but outside-the-pool contact without adequate control over self-declarations by external children, in absence of their parents. Of course children with active cold/ cough will not swim at all. Please inform yourself of the risks before sharing concerns with your children. And children who are part of the swimming stayback but are still choosing not to swim, will need to leave at 3pm.

The intention of this updated guide is to bring our focus back on the collective well being of our community. Panic or paranoia spread faster than a virus especially with social media heightening the sense of risk – this is one condition that is easily avoided! We encourage parents to refrain from passing along information from unauthenticated sources in their WhatsApp groups. The school will share official, verified information via email.

With the March break coming up if any of you or members from your home are travelling out of the country, to affected countries or even otherwise, you must recognise that the self-quarantine expectations will be as per the conditions at that time. We encourage our community to not travel to any affected countries, and also consider international travel only if essential. India is a low risk area and we expect that it will continue to remain so.

Please be mindful that during this period of uncertainty, the school is receiving a significant number of emails on this subject. Our resources are fully dedicated to the safety of our students, teachers and community. We are staying abreast of local, national, and international developments and strengthening our practices as we prepare for evolving scenarios. As such, we are unable to respond to all your individual questions especially when information on the situation is either unclear or has been previously shared in school circulars.

As a community, we share a collective responsibility in helping to assure the health and continuity of learning for every student. We stay safe by making well-informed decisions that include the information and expertise of parents in our community. We trust our parents to make responsible choices as required for children’s safety, and to trust the school to make the right decisions.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

HOS Neev Academy



Message to the Community: COVID-19 update - 3rd March 2020

In the wake of recent instances of the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at a global level, and more importantly a first case reported though not in Bangalore, but of someone who passed through Bangalore recently, it is required for the school to take precautionary measures in the interest of community safety and well-being. -

With immediate effect, we require, that adults or children from the following conditions not come to school for the specified period:

  1. From homes where a family member/s have travelled to an affected country (currently listed as per government guidelines to Hospitals - China, Singapore, Italy, and Iran)*, or been in proximity of a visitor from any of these countries in the last 2 weeks (Period of absence from the school - From now, until the start of the March break, returning to school with a medical clearance from a renowned hospital after the break only)
  2. From homes where a family member has travelled to any other country (not listed above) with many reported cases of the infection (see the WHO or CDC sites for information), or have met with a visitor from any of these countries in the last 2 weeks, and are showing symptoms that at all show a correlation with COVID -19, or a serious cough, cold, fever or flu like symptoms (Period of absence - Definitely until symptoms subside, or longer, until they are cleared by a reputed hospital for COVID -19)
  3. From homes where a family member has been in contact with any individual suspected or confirmed to suffer a COVID -19 infection (Period of absence from the school - From now, until the start of the March break, returning to school with a medical clearance from a renowned hospital after the break only)
  4. From homes where neither of the above is true, but children or adults themselves have a severe cold/coughs or fever (Period of absences - until such time that the symptoms subside without medication. Do not send children who are on fever medication &/or antibiotics to school)

* This list is from our sources at Manipal Hospital, and is expected to be updated soon with more countries. But we require that the Neev community also assumes S.Korea to already be in the list, irrespective of an update.

We have ongoing exams in school, upcoming events like the PYP exhibition, and G10-12 PTM's, which might be affected by the absence of a child, teacher/staff member, or parent / family member; but it is responsible to accept the absence rather than risk the health of others in the community.

For all of the above conditions, kindly keep school informed. Children or adults showing flu-like symptoms in school will need to go home immediately as well. The school is taking more care with external visitors as well. Please expect more detailed guidelines soon.