Education is the strongest lever for change in post-pandemic India launching Neev's Teacher Training Institute for 21st-century learning

Our Belief

Learners today face great unknowns. More than 60% will face careers that don’t exist, 80% of today's jobs will not exist,and COVID creates unmodellable gaps. Young learners need the capacity to get back and learn new things, relearn and apply, and come back again - Lifelong learning. Self-led, self-paced, intrinsically motivated and collaborative learning must replace the one-size-fits-all model and India needs teachers capable of this goal.

Our school system, not just in India, is a child of the industrial revolution, with all children doing the same thing at the same time and coming out with similar knowledge and thinking at the end. The world has changed and with it our learners and their motivation. And if lifelong learning is a skill, the needed habit is reading; reading that is multimodal, multi-lingual, multimedia and multidisciplinary. As our biggest manifestation of this hypothesis, check out Neev Litfest.

Empowering teachers for the new world of learning needs an understanding of the changing world, changing learners and in that context a changing India, and changing educational practises needed for learners to meet the great unknown.