Holiday declared- Friday 13th March 2020 - Grades 6 to 10 – 12th March 2020

This is to inform you that as per a government directive (original Kannada copy enclosed), Grades 6 to 10 at Neev Academy Yemalur (both IB and ICSE) will be closed tomorrow Friday 13th March 2020. This is one day earlier than our spring break, and we request you/your children to check all updates on Managebac for IB and Veracross for ICSE, tomorrow morning 9 am onwards, for completion of work.

The school will remain open for IBDP (Grades 11 & 12) as usual.

Earlier this week we had received directives for the closure of preschools and primary school, and the new directive reiterates that but goes further to say that these are to remain closed for the summer, also adding Grade 6 to that list. The directive adds that Grades 7-10 must complete exams soon and then close for the summer as well. We do appreciate the safety concerns that are compelling the government for these closures quite dynamically, and at the same time are seeking clarifications on how we can best achieve the teaching/learning schedule of the 8 weeks of term remaining post-spring break. Besides Grade 10 and Grade 12 Board exams, we will also clarify how our timelines, teaching/learning needs and assessments can be successfully managed.

On a more positive note, in the last two weeks, we have been in touch with IB schools experiencing online learning globally, and in the past week, our teachers and IT team have been working round the clock to test different applications and platforms. Today we had a full day online learning trial for our Grade 9 braveheart learners, who enthusiastically embraced the new instructional approach. I am pleased to share that it was quite successful, of course with some challenges that are to be expected. We had planned to do a complete debriefing with the students tomorrow morning, which we will now attempt to do over email (or maybe online :)). Teachers will be ready to start online sessions for most of our students post-spring break.

In the meanwhile, our PYP students should have received their learning materials this evening. We will also be sharing these for the Early Years children, soon.

Please await further updates on all of this. These are trying times, and all of us at Neev thank you for your patience and trust.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

HOS Neev Academy