Interest and Choice Learning

The philosophy behind ICL is making choices and knowing oneself. It helps students develop greater confidence in following their aspirations, work collaboratively, use the competitive spirit as an atom of self improvement, build character, understand the importance of rigour and have enriching experiences and interests. The focus is to foster an all round development with exposure to new things, creating interest and hobbies, harnessing the in-depth potential of a student and to provide them with skill building and competitive opportunities.

This would then lead to building of strong school teams and developing a culture of sports, music, drama, writing and debate as well as developing hobbies and lifelong interests in our students. These ICLs are both during school hours and after school. Participation for the choice activities are both through selection and student choice.


Enrollment to ICL

  • Signing up for the ICL will be on first come first serve basis
  • Minimum number of students required to conduct an ICL - 6 students
  • There will be a cap on maximum number of students in a particular ICL after which students will need to choose another ICL