Sarvajeet Diwas

‘Sarvajeet Diwas’ in Hindi, translates to ‘the day when everyone wins!’ Sports help us in developing self-esteem, which is the feeling of self-worth that determines how valuable and competent one feels. The interaction with teammates, coaches and teachers, helps students realize how they feel about themselves, empowering them and building their self-confidence, which is the aim of Sports Day at Neev.

 ‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it.’ -Heywood Broun

Our students grow – physically, emotionally and socially. They learn and are encouraged to appropriately use skills and techniques as they participate in different events. They are encouraged to strive for the win and to celebrate the spirit of true sportsmanship even when they participate in a game they may lose. Students learn to be disciplined and respectful and are also building confidence in themselves as they work towards excellence. 
The revolution in sports started with a philosophical shift from sports being an extracurricular to a co-curricular activity that would complement the education that takes place in the classroom to that on the playing field through physical activity, recreation and healthy competition.

Sarvajeet Diwas is the landmark decision to hold two instead of one was taken in order to provide our younger children (Grade 1 to 3) with adequate space to excel and showcase their talents. In another significant development “ House System” was started with the introduction of Ganga, Narmada, Kaveri, Brahmaputra houses each with their own mascots. This resulted in greater bonding and highly increased levels of healthy competition amongst children. 

 Sports is now restructured in participative and excellence modules. The former is compulsory for all students enabling them to reap the larger benefits of sport like sportsman spirit, respect for rules, discipline, good health, leadership and personality development etc, and the latter is the road to  national  /international standards with stay backs, leagues, tournaments etc.