It is the student advancement cells endeavour to nurture each child with support, services and opportunities to motivate them in growing and exploring their interests and passions outside of the curriculum and assist them to be - college, career and citizen ready.

We believe all students achieve their potential when offered the right combination of support, services and opportunities. Whether through mentoring on academic or personal matters, self-reflection and skill building activities, taking initiative inside and beyond the school, university application guidance or implementing policies and procedures, our goal is to help students achieve their academic and extracurricular goals.

The work of this team begins with reflective learning advancing to guided discovery to self-directed choices over the years. Each student at Neev is monitored under 1 umbrella of SAC from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Department has 3 verticals -

  • STUDENT SUPPORT - Supporting every student’s academic, emotional and social growth through guiding, mentoring and advising.
  • Learning Support
  • Social and Emotional Well Being
  • STUDENT LIFE - Helping students in pursuing individual interests and making their unique contributions to society.

All verticals of the department support and reflect the school’s core belief and the IB’s mission of encouraging every student, irrespective of capability, ability, country of origin, economic status, sex or religion, to become active, compassionate, life-long learners.

Learning support Grade 1-12
Social & emotional well being Grade 1-12
Student life Grade 3-12
College guidance Grade 8-12