Sports Team & League

Our aim at Neev regarding team selection is to build a strong team and is based on the following parameters : teamwork, attitude, ability, commitment and sportsmanship. We also ensure that students imbibe the valuable qualities of cooperation, coordination, health, leadership, discipline, perseverance, grit, risk-taking, integrity and determination that enable them to become confident, caring and useful members of the local, national and global communities.

We run a range of sports activities at different age levels for both boys and girls. Through a trial process, we select the students that can be part of the After-School Sports Activity. From the pool of selected students, the coaches identify the students who can be part of the school teams based on ability and attitude. Parents can talk to the coaches to understand the progress their child is making or understand how he/she can improve going forward, but a parent should not try to influence team selection.

Basket Ball