Remaining true to our ethos of providing an international curriculum with world class infrastructure , our fee structure is competitive yet affordable for most who seek quality international education in a changing India.  

While it is desirable that most students join the school at the beginning of every academic year, we understand that some may not be able to do so. We consider admitting students throughout the year based on the availability of seats. At Neev we work towards being an inclusive school providing admission to students if it is believed that the school can provide an educational programme which would meet their specific needs. 

Request for fee details by mailing the admissions team on neevacademy@neevschools.com with your enquiry details (Name of the child, date of birth, the grade for admission) and the team will respond with the necessary information.


Terms and Conditions

Fee Refund Policy

  • The refund clause as shared in the fee structure would only be applicable in the event the child does not join the school due to any family circumstances after enrolment. The withdrawal notice needs to be supported by records to explain the circumstances like medical reasons, transfer of job of parents, etc.
  • Refund of term fee once paid will not be applicable for cases where a child is enrolled in another school in Bangalore
  • Any refunds, if applicable, would be processed by the school within 4 weeks of the date of receiving the request.
  • Admission fee would be non-refundable under any circumstances.

Withdrawal / Cancellation of Enrolment

  • Mid-term withdrawals should be notified to the school in writing latest by 15th September for Term 2 of the current academic year and by 15th February for Term 1 for the subsequent academic year so that the seat may be offered to another student in time and the fee for the next term is not chargeable to the student being withdrawn.
  • In case of non-payment of Annual Education / Term fee, the school will attempt to contact the parent through email or via phone number provided by the parents at the time of admission. If it is unable to establish contact, the school will have the right to cancel the admission after fifteen days from the due date for payment of fees.
  • In all cases where a child’s admission is cancelled by the School or if the child does not attend school, the one – time Admission fee, already made, shall not be refunded and would stand forfeited.
  • Neev Academy reserves the sole right to cancel the admission of a child for non-compliance with Neev School’s policies. Following are some of the conditions for forfeiture of fees upon cancellation of admission of a Child at Neev Academy. These are only indicative and not exhaustive. The spirit of these points will be considered when cancelling the admission of a child and Neev Academy will carry out such an action only under exceptional situations:
  • Non-payment or late payment of fee & dues as per the school’s fee policy.
  • Abusive parent behaviour during visits & interactions with school management, staff member, support staff or students of Neev Academy.
  • Children that are physically violent and destructive to school property or the property of other children or adults in the school environment are liable for disenrollment without any notice. The complete discretion for such an action will lie with the school authorities.
  • Any action, situation or circumstances which impact the school’s image or smooth functioning.

All policies and guidelines for collection of school fee have been approved by the governing council. In all cases, the school will strictly adhere to these policies.