DB Gupta Science Scholarship

Nurturing scientific thinkers for a changing India

Jonas Salk wrote “Science in all its different disciplines, theoretical and experimental, has contributed to solving the problems which have given birth to new ones, which we are now confronted with”. Humans are actively evolving with their knowledge of science, however they cannot escape the consequences of their choices about which nature has the last word. Salk nudges us to the question:

“Are we being good ancestors?”

This prompted us to ask:

Are we giving our students opportunities to be good ancestors?

Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta, founding Chairman of Lupin Ltd., with a few other leaders of his generation, are good ancestors; in a world skeptical of India’s technological prowess, his choices made India the pharmacy for the world. His vision brought Lupin Pharmaceuticals to solve medical problems in India with speedy execution, responsible technology and low costs.

Drawing inspiration from the life of Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta, Neev Academy introduces The DB Gupta Science Scholarship, to encourage young minds with a passion for science, to pursue their journey in IB, irrespective of their background.

This is a merit-based, 4 year high-school scholarship that ranges from partial to full tuition and initiates in Grade 9. It is designed to recognize students who demonstrate promise for academic and extra-curricular excellence in the field of science inside and outside the classroom. Recipients must continue to uphold the academic excellence that merits the scholarship, to remain qualified for it until the time of graduation from Neev.

This scholarship is made possible by benevolent and generous donation by Mr. Nilesh Gupta, Managing Director, Lupin Ltd. in honour of his father Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Merit Eligibility
  • Clear Neev’s assessment test during admission process including an additional science assessment
  • Strong academic performance in the past years in the sciences along with other subjects
  • Financial Eligibility
  • Need Aware” Scholarship. What do we look at?
  • Family income
  • Family wealth
  • Family lifestyle and expenditure


Application Process - The application begins on 11th December, 2021 to 10th February, 2022

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Recipient Announcement - 15th February 2022

Please write to neevacademy@neevschools.com for the scholarship form and other any details.


Continuity Criteria
  • Recipient must opt for all 3 sciences in Grades 9&10
  • Recipient must opt for Extended Mathematics in Grades 9&10
  • Recipient must opt for at least 2 sciences in Grade 11&12, at least one science must be at Higher Level (HL)
  • Recipient must opt for Mathematics AA or AI, at Higher Level (HL)
  • Maintain at least a 6 in Science and Mathematics all through their time with Neev


Selection Criteria

The School Committee will go through all the applications and reserves the right to decide on the recipients based on merit and financial eligibility.

More questions?

Contact: neevacademy@neevschools.com