Understanding the enrolment Criteria

We welcome students from diverse communities and cultures in our school.

Criteria for processing the Applications for Admission:

  • Availability of seats for the programme in the given period during the academic year.
  • Order in which forms are received by the admissions office.
  • The age equivalence criteria being fulfilled as per details in the application
  • Submission of a completed application form with all required documents
  • Validity of the documents submitted meeting the requirements listed in the application form.


Criteria for Granting of Admission

  • Admission process is initiated only if the application is complete and can be processed as per the criteria shared above.
  • The applicant appears in person for a written assessment (English and Math) as applicable for the grade level applied for admission.
  • The applicants seeking admission in senior school appear in person for interview or group discussion as may be required and meet the criteria of preparedness.
  • The admissions team assesses the readiness of the student reviewing the application set, previous academic reports and evaluation done at Neev.
  • Meeting with parents and the Head of School /Programme is completed and enrolment is approved.

The child needs to be in the age criteria as listed below in August 31st of the academic year in which they are seeking admission. You may reach out to the admissions team if you have any specific query regarding the same.

Enrolment Age criteria

Grade Age Criteria
Grade 1 6 Years
Grade 2 7 Years
Grade 3 8 Years
Grade 4 9 Years
Grade 5 10 Years
Grade 6 11 Years
Grade 7 12 Years
Grade 8 13 Years
Grade 9 14 Years
Grade 10 15 Years
Grade 11 16 Years
Grade 12 17 Years