Another way to record the development of a child is through Art. We expose our students to both Performing Arts and Visual Arts. We are proud of the extensive arts program which includes Theatre, Music, Orchestra and Visual Arts. Because becoming an artist is about discovering and nurturing talent, we provide a rich and varied Arts Curriculum that encourages students to find their own interest no matter what the discipline is. Works of arts surrounds our campus and we provide ample opportunities for co-curricular events like theatre productions, choir and orchestra performance and art exhibitions.

Art philosophy at Neev is a thought provoking process with a well rounded and focused curriculum that is not only integral but planned and executed in continuum to enhance learning through the grades. The curriculum is crafted to induce creative thinking and enhance skill development, knowledge and understanding, with exploration of both media and medium to build aesthetics amongst the early years. The main aim of art curriculum is being fun through explorations to express and discover infinite possibilities reflecting the unique identity of a child.