Results are more than
just numbers and letters.

See what they really mean.

We took our students’ grades and had them carefully assessed to determine its true significance with respect to their learning and cognitive development.

Here’s what we found out,


The global average of students receiving their Diplomas is 85.85%. All 16 of our students received theirs. That’s a 100% success rate!


The global performance average of students based on the point system is 31.98. Our students pulled in an astonishing 37/45.
Mean Grade
Global - 5.2
Neev - 5.76/7
Mean Core Points
Global - 1.53
Neev - 2.2/3
The global average of students attaining 40 points or higher is 14.35%. But nearly 25% of Neev IBDP students went above and beyond that expectation.
Achieving close to full marks in many situations.

“Neev Academy is a new type of school. But so is our vision of reimagining educational excellence in India. This is our second graduating batch for IBDP but we are confident now more than ever about our students’ successes. Big name or not, we ensure that our students get the best kind of education out there -- which is the holistic kind. In doing so, we guarantee that they can discover for themselves, the excitement of a challenging and rewarding education that is truly global.
Sometimes, for a new type of thinking, all you need is a new type of school.”