High school Profile

Welcome to Neev Academy. We are an an ecosystem of learning and growth where we want learners to become Self-directed, Disciplinary Thinkers, Communicators, Collaborators, Culturally Conscious and Community oriented, as they discover passions and strengths through interdisciplinary learning, travel across India, field trips and inspiring speakers, intra and inter school sports, arts, literary and cultural events, service, internships, and diverse academic choices. Student initiatives in leadership, service, inclusion, reading, writing, arts and sports, drives our school culture and upholds values. We nurture reading as an essential habit for lifelong learning. Our unique parent community of entrepreneurs, change-makers and risk-takers, educated at leading universities in India and abroad and with global work experience value, support and partner in the progressive learning Neev’s vision delivers. Impact beyond our walls leads to Neev hosting the largest children’s literature festival, a book award set up to recognise great children’s literature from India, and our upcoming Teacher Training Institute for education reform. As Bangalore’s only city center IB school our 15 acre verdant campus is located to not only avoid long commutes that can be a tradeoff in a rapidly urbanising India, but to be a vibrant learning culture driven by community interaction, and conveniently hosting inter school events. Our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) with its fourth cohort of IBDP graduates' results and college placements have matched and even surpassed older and more estabilished school. Our online learning platform and safety practises are best practise. Joining the Neev Community is a critical choice, do take the time to read more, see our high school profile, or join our admissions sessions.

Primary Years Programme