Learning Support

The learning support team at Neev assists children who need help in recognizing and approaching challenges in meeting academic requirements. The aim is to continually evolve and learn, and in turn practise what is most effective and appropriate for every child, within the school environment. It involves more than just academic support, keeping in mind students’ strengths and learning styles. It also involves teaching acceptance, self-advocacy and creating a positive environment for students to express themselves in different ways.

How do they support?

  • Conducts individual sessions with and monitors growth of children who qualify for an individualised education plan (IEP) or individualised learning plan (ILP) in any grade level, including accessing the best possible external accommodations and internal modifications in learning and assessments
  • Working closely with teachers for early identifications of students.
  • Deliver universal support by providing recommendation to teachers
  • Collaborating with teachers to build in-class support or after-school remedial for specific students


Interventions by the Learning support team are designed to decrease risk factors and strengthen resilience and provide a strong foundation in the course of their educational journey. These mechanisms will be age-appropriate, reflect the growth, interests and strengths of the learner and will have a lasting impact on the outcomes in the final years of a student’s journey with us.