Learning Support

Diversity, Equity and inclusion are the cornerstones of LS at Neev. We have a team that is committed to removing as many barriers to learning as they can. We recognize that each student is unique with individual needs. We aim to provide support for students with specific learning differences, both students with difficulties and gifted students, to help them succeed in Neev’s positive and respectful environment. Neev has adopted a 3 tier approach to cater to the students needs that provides a method of early identification and intervention that aims to help struggling students to catch up with age appropriate levels of performance.  

Tier 1 - Universal Support: - Tier 1 students are all the students of the school. Supporting them is the responsibility of all stakeholders at Neev. The LS team helps students enhance executive functioning skills through full class enrichment workshops (Note taking, time management, etc).  


Tier 2 - Targeted intervention: - A Tier 2 LS student is who has been identified with mild learning challenges. The class and subject teachers take the responsibility for the support for the student through differentiated teaching within the classroom. The modifications and accommodations required to make this an effective environment for the student, is supported by LS.

Tier 3 - Individually Targeted intervention: - Tier 3 support is targeted and an individual education plan created for students who have been formally identified from external sources through specific psycho-educational assessments. Tier 3 support is typically longer in nature in terms of interventions, qualified for accommodations or modifications. Interventions may be delivered collaboratively, individually, or in small groups depending on the intensity required and resources available. Students are encouraged to be prompt in attending the recommended therapies outside of school and the LS team collaborates with them in a timely manner. 

Learning Support Admission Criteria

The environment at Neev Academy is inclusive of physical and curriculum support. There is no discrimination against any conditions. However, the LS services at Neev are limited. The degree and severity of the support will determine if the environment is best suited for the student. Students with mild to moderate learning differences would be considered for admission. To support the interventions and modifications being extended within the school, the students may be required to avail specialized therapies from external sources. Neev may not be the appropriate environment for students with moderate to severe learning or behavioural needs.