At Neev, Student Government is very democratic in nature. There is a representation of all sorts by the students in the smooth running of the school. Neev mission includes building knowledge self-awareness and relationships with people and  the environment to lead happy, healthy impactful lives with Grit, Honor & Grace. Student governance plays a very vital role in building relationships and impacting the surroundings with their  ideas and thoughts to make the larger difference.

 It is ‘ Of the students, By the students and For the students’. 

Students from the age of 8 years(grade 4)  get an opportunity to lead. The Student Governing body comprises of leaders who are elected as well as selected.  There is a procedure in place which ensures that equal opportunity is given to all students. 
Students from grades 4 upwards are divided into four houses. There is a very healthy atmosphere of fostering leadership  and values which help the students to  choose to do things differently. While electing or selecting students to be leaders their academic performance is very important and not compromised with. To be a part of student governance the student is expected first to have a reasonably good balance in his academics and non academic  activities like sports etc  he is involved in. His entire personality is taken into consideration.

The Student leaders range from the President at the top to the House captains, vice captains, junior vice captains, class representatives, class CAS representatives etc giving a fairly good representation of all the sections of the student body in the school. There is also a programming coordinator and a student tribunal which helps the students with their day to day issues. The student government at Neev, with its range of representation and supporting structure, ensures that students actively experience the working of a democracy.

As of June 2018 New North Campus is an IB PYP Candidate School