Creating Readers for Life 

“Books are humanity in print” - Barbara Tuchman.

The most lasting gifts we can give our children are an insatiable thirst for reading and lifelong learning. The Neev Literature Festival, an annual event at the Neev Academy, celebrates the books that spark the joy of reading. The festival will bring together children, authors, educators, parents, and all those who engage with children and children’s literature. 

Our mission is simple – “Love to Read, Read to Love” - we want to create readers for life. Our festival offers an open and friendly atmosphere in which children and authors will converse with and learn from each other.

Neev cares deeply about reading. Our reading programme begins with guided reading from preschool till grade 2 and then evolves into novel study, language and literature units, and the Reading for Reading programme across Neev Academy. Strong readers make strong writers. Reading comes in many forms and our children access text across the spectrum. The festival has a curated exhibition of books by major publishers (Indian and International) besides the presence of authors, film-makers, story tellers and publishers. Meeting an author, take a name off the binding of a book and brings alive its creators, their inspiration and fears. We believe this could change our children’s thinking in ways we cannot imagine. 

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