Student life

Beyond core academics, Neev Academy believes in the process of learning by doing. We know students need a wide range of opportunities including inter school participation, national and international olympiads and competitions, interaction with individuals beyond academics, to challenge them for understanding the significance and spirit of citizenship. By engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations. In addition, we offer a variety of interest and choice activities during and after school hours to build strong school teams and develop a culture of sports, music, drama, writing and debate. These give the students an ocean of opportunities to contribute and enrich their experience in school culturally and socially. 

By participating in activities that are individual, small group, whole class or whole school projects and events, by attending multiple guest lectures and expert visits, thorough field trips and excursions outside the campus and sometimes overnight, they uncover hidden talents and discover new passions.

We ensure that each of our students from all the grades get many opportunities in the year to organize as well as participate in school assemblies, debates, elocutions, multi sport event – Sarvajeet Diwas, school annual day showcasing their talents in music, movement and theater– Neevotsav. Publishing blogs and newsletters on the events and activities, while at it.

The student government at Neev, has a range of representation through all grade levels ensuring that students actively experience the working of a democracy. Leaders range from the President at the top to the House captains, vice captains, class representatives, class CAS representatives giving a fairly good representation of all the sections of the student body in the school. There is also a programming coordinator and a student led newspaper - NeevTimes.

Student life is run in collaboration with the academic faculty for interdisciplinary learning.

What all does student life cover

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Student Government
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