School Teams

School Sports teams are more than just a game- it’s a bond and it goes beyond the playing field. Team games are sports that unify individuals into a team which builds health, friendship, discipline, physical and mental toughness. At Neev, we teach our students concepts of team games which aims to raise the skill levels of the participants and at the same time focus on personal growth by teaching the core values of life i.e. respect, effort, ambition, teamwork, humility, alongwith the school ethos of grit, honour and grace. And the Individual Sports seeks to provide opportunities for student-athletes to develop individual skills in leadership and team work with in an environment of fair play, mutual respect, and fun. We strive to develop programs that are safe and lead our student-athletes to value commitment, to work for academic success and to learn about health and wellness.

The selection of Sports Teams is carefully done to have a mix of both team and individual sports. This ensures all round development of sporting attributes and games in which the school maintains teams and participates in tournaments. These are Football, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming and badminton. Adequate number of qualified coaches and infrastructure has been planned to support the above activities to include a 400m synthetic athletic track, four synthetic tennis courts, turf football field, two basketball courts, volleyball court, swimming pool and an indoor gym.