Parent Community

Parental Involvement at Neev Academy

The key to a child realizing his/her full potential is through fostering strong relationship between the school, parents and students.

We believe it is vital that parents have an opportunity to be connected to the school in a variety of ways. It is essential for the success of any school that parents are committed, involved and supportive of the decisions the school makes. At Neev, parents are made to feel welcome, valued and listened to.

Parents can participate as volunteers for different events, as experts to talk about different topics to the students from their field or help in organizing charity events or discussions on anything important.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. We keep our parents informed of all events, programmes and initiatives by the school so that they can participate and give feedback from time to time for us to do our best. It is our endeavour to see that parents are involved in their child’s learning journey and in turn help in building a strong community that is dynamic, diverse and supportive.