Career & College Guidance

Guidance is provided through high school on all aspects related to career and the university application process. Students need to be prepared with skills and attitudes to become active participants in an increasingly complex, globally connected and changing world. The college counsellor exposes the students to an array of experiences that would enhance their learning journey from school to college. As they step into high school, we arrange for job shadowing and internship opportunities, summer programs, acclaimed Olympiads for the students to help them understand more about their areas and subjects of interest and the expectations in their desired field of work. This would help them make informed future career choices, indicate possible college majors and build responsibility.


How do they service and provide opportunities?

  1. Helping students set realistic academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them. Guidance for subject choices is provided for all transition points.
  2. Providing students with enrichment and competitive opportunities nationally and internationally like Olympiads, summer programs, research projects and many more.
  3. Providing career exploration opportunities of job shadowing and internships in high school. Over the years our students have got opportunities to intern at various organisations in their field of interests.
    • Research - Takshashila Institute, IDFC Foundation, ReReeti, IBM, Frolle, Young Innovators

    • Advertising - JWT, Dentsu Mcgarry Bowen

    • Medicine and Labs - HEAL Clinic, iCrest Stem Cells Research lab, Fortis, Columbia Asia Hospitals

    • Art & Design - Balan and Nambian Architects, MORBORR, Praxis Inc

    • Media - Out of print magazine

    • Law - Samvad Partners

    • Manufacturing - Mahindra Aerospace

    • Investment - FinTech Capital Advisory Limited, HSBC

  4. Liaising with university representatives and counsellors to provide updated information to students and parents. This is done through university meet-&-greets and Career days. Career day is important as it exposes students from all age groups to an array of careers. Early career influences, exposure and exploration are done through -
    • Panel discussions - Focussed panel discussions on career trends, imperatives and outlook on different career choices in fields of science, marketing, finance, etc
    • Career stalls - Exploratory career stalls for primary grades to understand specific jobs and roles from people in diverse fields like medicine, hospitality, education and may more
    • University representatives - Each year universities introduce new courses to cater to the careers of the future. It's important for students to meet with
  5. Providing end to end college application assistance

In addition, Neev Academy is a college board test centre for SAT exams (CEEB Code - 671201)

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