Career & College Guidance

Guidance and support is provided to students throughout middle and high school on all aspects related to career counselling and the university application process. This is done by conducting assessments and diagnostic tests, enrichment workshops and presentations, individual meetings with students and parents, university representative meetings while keeping all stakeholders informed. 

As a part of the career and college counselling process our counsellors would - 

  • Help students set realistic academic and career goals and develop a plan to achieve them
  • Provide students with enrichment and competitive opportunities nationally and internationally.
  • Provide career exploration opportunities of job shadowing and internships to high school students.
  • Advise the grade 10 students with subject choices prior to the IBDP program.
  • Help the grade 12  students in selecting college-prep subjects.
  • Collaborate with teachers, administrators and parents to help students succeed.
  • Organize presentations, sessions and college fairs in for both students and parents.
  • Provide information and administer Standardized tests like the PSAT & SAT and student assessments like ISA & COA.
  • Help the students through the college applications process.
  • Communicate information about summer schools to students and parents.
  • Liaise with university representatives and counsellors to provide updated information to students and parents.

In addition Neev Academy is a college board test center for SAT exams (CEEB Code - 671201).