MYP Results

Results are here.
Time to connect the dots.

Our Middle Years Programme batch of 2020/21 have really outdone themselves this year. Their results have exceeded all our expectations and we feel that they are now ready to take the next step towards completing their IB Diploma.

Just the way each of our students have made connections between their studies and the real world, we too must make connections using their results to understand where their true potential lies.

Here’s what we know,

All 22 of our students received their MYP Certificate That’s a 100% success rate!
Success Rate
8 out of the 22 students attained 50 points or higher. With the highest score being 53 on 56.
Students that scored 50 points or more
The global performance average for MYP students is 38 on 56. Ours is 46.16!
Performance Average
Average Subject Score: 5.74
Average Subject Score
Highest Score: 53/56
Highest Score

“To achieve such an impressive set of results is no easy feat. IB, which is a rigorous and holistic curriculum by design, paired with the arrival of the global pandemic could have discouraged anyone from achieving their best. But not our students or their teachers. Nothing fazed them from completing the IB MYP course, with flying colours.
We also thank all the parents and teachers who worked hard together in the past 5 years to create this environment that now breeds brilliance. Without you or your dedication, none of this would be possible. ”