A great theatre artist once said “Stage should not be a part of theatre, it should be a part of your body, only then will you feel at home”. So here at Neev, we encourage our students to make stage a part of their body and theatre a part of their life.

Neev Theatre and Performing Arts curriculum is for a young learner to develop the personality and skills required to be able to handle public presence through these life skills - Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Empathy & Cultural Understanding and Leadership. Students are encouraged to make purposeful connections between investigation and practice, and identify the relationship between art and its contexts - historical, cultural, social, theoretical, theatrical (audience / performance space) and artistic contexts. They learn to respond to and reflect on how art deepens their understanding of the world. Through engaging classes, stay backs, imaginative study and energetic theatre productions, our students experience the exhilaration and enlightenment that only theatre can bring, whether on stage, behind the scenes or purely as part of the audience.

Students of Grade 9 & 10 are offered all three Arts subjects - Theatre, Music and Visual Arts. They can choose any one from the above.

Students of Grade 11 are offered DP Theatre and DP Visual Arts. They get to choose any one for the Group 6 subject group.


An opportunity to exhibit the theatrical skills, is 'Neevotsav', for our students from Grade 1 to 3, a Theatre Festival that celebrates the success and learning journey of every child through the school year. This is an event that features dramatic representations by the students in all areas of Performing Arts.


The Spotlight’s vision is to bring out the understanding of Theatre to the whole school community with the focus on the learning journey of the student. Over the years, Spotlight aims to develop the personality and skills required to be able to handle public presence. Here is a quick peek into the focus of the Spotlight performance across various grade:

Grade 4 Storytelling Performance with Gallery Walk to showcase their Performance space design/ set design model.
Grade 5 Devise a chosen scene of an existing story, using the integration of techniques of mask and mime theatre
Grade 6 Devise a Greek myth using, skills of greek ensemble/chorus
Grade 7 Realistic theatre performance of a scene of a published/existing script
Grade 8 Devise an improvisation using commedia dell’arte stock characters and composition skills of viewpoint approach
Grade 9 & 10 World theatre tradition challenge