We proudly announce yet another diversification towards excellence by offering ICSE curriculum.

Introducing ICSE from Grade 6 onwards at Neev Academy is just another way of catering to the needs of an emerging India on the global map of education where an Indian curriculum is offered with an international approach to benefit the learners with an extra edge.

CISCE (Council for Indian School Certificate Examination) is a non-governmental private board that conducts examination for the Grade X and XII students, following the recommendations of the New Education Policy (1986) with English as the medium of instruction.

ICSE is known for its broad knowledge based curriculum, which aims at nurturing students into becoming successful learners who are dynamic individuals with articulate thoughts and ideas, effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of forms and contexts. They, on one hand, are skilled in technological advancement and on the other, responsible citizens with a commitment towards the society that we live in.

Subjects offered in ICSE at Neev for Grade 6 to 8

Regular Subjects Graded Subjects
English (Paper I & II: Language & Literature) Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Drama
2nd Language: Hindi / French / Spanish SUPW: Social Useful Productive Work
3rd Language: Hindi / French / Spanish Physical Education
Mathematics Education in Moral and Spiritual Values
Physics General Knowledge
History & Civics
Computer Science

Subjects offered at Neev for Grade 9 & 10

GROUP I (Compulsory Subjects) GROUP II (Any two) GROUP III (Any one)
English Mathematics Computer Applications
History & Civics Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Art
Geography Economics Performing Arts
2nd Hindi / French / Spanish Commercial Studies Physical Education
Environmental Science

As of June 2018 New North Campus is an IB PYP Candidate School