Online Learning update - Week 8 - PYP - 13th May 2020

“It always seems impossible until it is done.” - Nelson Mandela

Creating a Virtual Art Gallery is yet another milestone through the online learning journey. The Arts team has put together student’s expression through different art forms, which reflects their unique identity.

This link https://sites.google.com/neevschools.com/thearts will take you to “The Arts” page of our website. Please login with the student’s email ID.

Visual Art - Gr 1, 2 & 3

William Wordsworth once said, “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” Our students did just that!

They expressed, “HOPE” - the world at the moment needs hope and when children create it through the arts, it turns into magic where everyone starts believing in it.

Enjoy the visuals on, “Expressions of Hope”

While in the virtual art gallery;

  1. Be patient, when you enter the virtual space.
  2. You can use your mobile and laptop for experiencing the virtual space, though we suggest a laptop for a better experience.
  3. Use the home tab on the google site, to enter ‘the arts’ > Select the art form > select the grade you wish to see.
  4. The artsteps portal is quite a user friendly, but you can click on "i" on the top right, to understand how to navigate through the virtual space.
  5. While you ‘walk around’ you will see footsteps leading you to the direction you are heading in
  6. A virtual layout of the gallery is seen on the lower left which allows you to know where you are.
  7. Click on the image to see the details of the artworks.
  8. Some of the artwork has audio/video embedded to be clicked on. Please make sure the volume is high to hear. Press stop after viewing and before you move to the next visual.
  9. In order to leave a comment, kindly login to artsteps
  10. At the end of your tour, close the website so as to avoid the net traffic to the site.

Drama - Grade 4

Moving away from Neevotsav, Spotlight is a format where students take the responsibility of creating and developing theatrical performances. The Grade 4 students explored the art of Storytelling and applied their skills of imaginative role-play, physical theater, into their performances of Storytelling. Considering this being a first-ever virtual spotlight performance, students faced challenges to work out of their comfort zone to collaborate virtually and create a performance.

Music - Grade 5

Through music, the students will take you on a journey into folk ballads. They will perform on the recorder, ukulele, and keyboard, the popular, haunting melody "Greensleeves".

Some important updates:

The Feedback reports for Term 2, will be uploaded on Veracross on, 14th May 2020. The summer break will start from 16th May 2020. The school for the next academic session will reopen on 13th July 2020.

We hope, you enjoy the different lines of thinking and the flow of emotions that art evokes.

Have a great Summer Vacation!

As always, Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus