Mid-Year Learning update

Dear Neev Community,

As we head towards the end of the first semester, it is my pleasure to attach mid-year academic updates (results, reflections, and way forward) for PYP, MYP, ICSE and DP from our academic heads.

COVID has disrupted learning. As we confront our personal, professional and institutional challenges, we must pause to reflect about many others whose challenges are much greater than ours, and be grateful for all we have. COVID has forced the planet to take a gap year in the world of work, even if the world of learning has been reclaimed by many countries. Indian states are now cautiously approaching reopening of education. This is reassuring; students around the world are not taking a gap year and so learners in India cannot afford to either. We believe the right thing is for schools to reopen in hybrid or physical mode and await government regulations because face to face learning is very important. We are ready, and will open as soon as allowed. But we know that individual choices and environmental challenges may need us to toggle between modes of learning, so we do need to continue getting better at distance learning with feedback and support from all in the community.

The school is continuing to prioritise, target and strengthen our learning culture. The upcoming and final NEASC visit is focussed on evidence of learning impacts, including the community survey conducted recently and a shared definition of high quality learning that was a result of our strategic vision (Neev 4.0, shared at the end of the last academic year). We invite your engagement in understanding more and helping us build deeper, stronger and richer learning.

We wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Diwali and festive season, filled with love, laughter and learning.

Warm regards,


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