Information regarding May 2020 eAssessments - G10 - 1st April 2020

We trust you and your family are well and in the midst of discovering new avenues of learning that may also be virtual.

The IB has been tirelessly working to ensure continued learning for our students as well as minimal disruption to the processes of middle school exit programme. On 22nd March, IBO announced the cancellation of the May 2020 Diploma Programme examinations and we were informed that a decision regarding the May 2020 Middle Years Programme e-Assessment examination will follow soon. A survey was sent to all IBMYP schools and we were asked to provide information about our students and how they will use the MYP certificate as they continue their learner journey. Based on the survey results from schools globally, and keeping the health and safety of the students as a key consideration, we received an email from the IBO informing us of the following actions for the 2020 May MYP eAssessment session:

  1. May 2020 MYP on-screen examinations are cancelled
  2. e-Portfolio and Personal Projects grades will be issued
  3. MYP certificate will be awarded, reflecting achievements from a combination of Personal Project, ePortfolio subjects and predicted grades for other subjects

FAQs with further details will be provided shortly by the IBO and we will update the students and parents as the situation evolves.

We would like to acknowledge the feelings of our students at this time, especially an emptiness left by the cancellation of a culminating event in their lives--the IBMYP examination. It is often seen as the climax of the programme, and the subsequent vacation as a well-deserved interlude before a challenging senior secondary programme.

We are sensitive to this and are working to bring them close to the same sense of achievement with a proposed programme of study because the cancellation of the examination can also be seen as potentially a great opportunity for a Pre DP learning which will start shortly.
For tomorrow and the day after students will be completing the final draft of their Personal Project and their Arts Portfolio tasks as per the schedule shared on Neev Academy Online Learning Google Site. We trust that you will speak to your children and work with us in sustaining the momentum in learning.

We wish you good health and the joy of reading.

Best Regards,

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Neev Academy Team