Online Learning update - Week 7 - PYP - 4th May 2020

We are almost to end this academic year with positive hopes for all the members of our learning community.

The online learning for us started with great apprehension from how to continue to teach online, slowly we moved into worrying about how to get students to turn-in work. The Seesaw and Google Classroom sorted this out for us. Insight into our student's work and providing continuous feedback has ensured, the objectives are assessed and data fed into the feedback reports. We will be uploading Term 2 Reports on the Veracross platform as per the school calendar on May 14th, 2020 .

Novel study - the synchronous classes with students have provided us with an opportunity to interact and engage in discussions. We hope you too are enjoying the discussion of the novel with your child. Do encourage them to describe, to infer and reason out their thinking. These discussions are powerful, they develop and nurture ways to think and understand ideas - and we hope ‘grow readers for life!’

In the Week of 11th May , we will be celebrating student’s expression of arts, through a virtual art exhibition. It's a wonderful opportunity to see our student’s hopes and learning from this pandemic situation. A reminder, requesting students to follow the submission deadline as shared by their respective teachers.

May 15th 2020 will be the last day of the current academic year as per the calendar.

Have a wonderful & safe week ahead!

Best Regards,

Shanthi Raghunath and Kalpita Jain

Head of PYP, Yemalur Campus and Head of PYP, North Campus