End of Year DP update 18th May 2020

Another year gone by, but quite a different one to finish, as we all are trying to cope with a new way of life.

Pre DP (Gr 10): It was a blessing in disguise. When G10 IB exams were called off, we seized the opportunity to put in a high-quality Pre DP programme immediately. Media Literacy Course with multiple experts pitching in created great insight into Science and Economic impacts of COVID 19. Srinath Raghavan’s great books have been a huge success to me since I see a surge in the number of students who make History as their choice in the DP. ‘Telling a Story with Data’ by our own Math experts, has introduced the students to best analyse the Data, model them and make predictions using technology. Our science modules kindled the spirit of inquiry, investigations and laid a perfect platform for the DP launch in sciences. We were truly encouraged by the enthusiastic participation by this cohort in these courses. This makes us plan more such courses on an ongoing basis in future. Students will receive their transcripts and certificates soon.

Well utilized six weeks has laid a foundation for their DP. Many Congratulations! Welcome on Board!!

DP1: The teachers have met to reflect on our eight weeks of Online learning. Our achievements, challenges, new learning strategies and resources we have experimented with, what part of it can be taken to physical classroom learning etc were the focus. We will certainly take advantage of this blended learning to bring about more joy into our face-to-face learning too. It was good to notice that our teachers have managed to keep to our original time line of curriculum coverage in most areas even in this format.

Our End of year report that reflects the learning in Semester II, has been shared with you. When we have our End of Year exams in the beginning of next year, we will update this record with Exam grade. By then this report will complete in all respects.

With no internships happening and no scope for travel, we have taken advantage of taking a lot of Extended Essay work and other subject specific coursework to complete during this summer so that our Grade 12 submissions meet the quality benchmarks we have set in less-stressed environment. DP teachers will continue to track the students during the break. Over and above some reading list, and other useful online courses list have been shared with you to explore.

DP2: With all Pre University courses ending last week and some task in this week, officially G12 students are now off from the school rolls. We wish them well in their endeavour and we will be happy to support in any manner we could. They are always welcome to the school as our guests. July 18th 2020 is the likely date of our Graduation. More information will flow in the times closeby. We have shared number of online course recommendations for them. The IB final results will be released on July 6th. Students are expected to be in School that week for collecting their transcripts.

Based on attendance, regularity and quality of routine submissions, participation and summative tasks, students will be presented with a transcript and certificate for each course of their Post DP Programme soon. These will be shared on email now and the print certificates and transcripts will be collected when the students next visit the school in July.

Have a restful and productive summer break!

Best Regards,

Umar Jaffar

Head of IB Diploma