Online Learning Update - DP - 12th April 2020

I write to give you an update on the DP activities in the past week.

DP 2 students have managed to submit all their coursework. English HL had a text to complete; a large part of it has been covered and concluding classes will be held in the next week. The final oral examination in Hindi, French and Spanish have also been completed online. We are still trying our best to accomplish the visual art exhibition as a face-to-face activity with special permissions from the government. The students concerned are posted on the development. The online check-in sessions in CAS that were planned last week and planned for next week will bring our DP to a close in all its requirements.

For DP 2, we have designed and executed a pre-university course with the following modules:

  1. Course 1: a mandatory course titled "Epics, Ancient Texts and Myths" By Samhita Arni
  2. Course 2: an optional course titled "Great Books’ Study – India’s War" by Srinath Raghavan
  3. Course 3: an optional course titled "Media Literacy" by Rahul Jacob and Team

These courses are aimed to enrich them and enable them to understand the expectations in college of reading extensively, contributing to class discussions, balancing debate and dialogue, expressing viewpoints rather than passive listening, respecting cognitive diversity, disagreeing without being disagreeable etc It is expected that the grade 12 students rise to facilitators' expectations and strengthen themselves at the same time. These courses are graded for school credit points to earn Neev Diploma. Please note that Attendance is mandatory for the students till the end of the Term.

DP 1 online classes have been on as per structure. As we are in the third week of the online programme, students will receive a survey on the programme shortly. There were a few security breaches in Zoom sessions. The school has addressed them and stepped up our security settings.

Internship programmes planned for Gr 11 needed to be called off owing to the present conditions. If the lockdown is extended, it is highly likely that we will put off our end-of-year exams for Gr 11 to the new term. We may conduct the exams a week after our return from the summer break. We will confirm this in the time to come.

Best Regards,

Umar Jaffar

Head of DP, Neev Academy