End of Year Middle School update - 18th May 2020

“Do. Or do not. There is no try.’’ Says Master Yoda to Luke Skywalker in Episode V of Star Wars.

Our online learning experience was exactly this. For us, trying to do online learning was not a choice we had. For a middle school student, eight weeks of learning is crucial and we did not have much room for errors. We either do it or we don’t and wait for the conundrum to settle and take it up from there. But we chose to do it, and we did it!

It was a truly enigmatic learning experience for students, parents and faculty. Every day, there was new learning in some classroom or the other, whether it is the discovery of the use of breakout rooms in Zoom, or using a different platform like Padlet or changing your background on Zoom, endless possibilities and endless ways of incorporating them in our online lessons. Online teaching and learning gave us an opportunity to reflect on our own teaching practices and also evaluate the potential of our students.

Updates from Middle School:

  1. 15th May 2020 was the last day of this Academic Year and something magical happened with all the students across Grades 6 to 12 and teachers of senior school coming together for this year’s final assembly via google meet; separated by COVID-19, connected by the power of technology!
  2. The Term 2 reports for MYP grades 6 to 9 were released on Thursday, 14th May and ICSE grades 6 to 8 were released on Friday, 15th May.
  3. Holiday homework in Mathematics, Language & Literature and Language Acquisition have been uploaded on Managebac and Google Drive for Grades 6 to 8 of MYP.
  4. Holiday homework in Mathematics and Second Language have been assigned to ICSE students of Grades 6 to 8. ICSE students have also received project work in certain subjects.
  5. Holiday assignments have been sent separately to the Learning Support students.
  6. Information regarding holiday homework has been communicated to the students by their respective subject teachers.
  7. Like every year, the summer reading book list for all grades will be sent via email.
  8. Another first! The Virtual Visual Arts exhibition by MYP students of Grade 8 titled: ‘Art tells a Story- Expressions of Hope’ has received a great opening with more than 300 viewers visiting the site. I would request all parents to visit the Virtual Art Gallery to experience the journey of our young artists. https://sites.google.com/neevschools.com/thearts/home/visual-arts/contents-yc

For students of MYP Grade9 (now Grade 10):

  1. Students have started their Personal Project journey and will be working on the first phase of their project during the summer. They all have been assigned teacher supervisors.
  2. Extended Math students will have special Zoom sessions during the summer break. Parents and students will receive notification through Managebac.
  3. Students have received focussed homework/ study material for specific subjects during the summer break and the same have been uploaded on Managebac and/or Google drive.

For students of MYP Grade 10 (current academic year):

  1. Grade 10 students have completed four modules of intensive Pre DP courses in Media Literacy, Great Books, Mathematics and Sciences. Each student will receive their scores for the Pre DP courses soon.
  2. The IB MYP results for e-Assessments will be released on 1st August 2020.

I wish all parents and students a restful summer break.

Stay safe, stay happy.


Best Regards,

Gouri Kar

Middle School Head and MYP Coordinator