PYP update - School closed, but learning continues! – 10th March 2020

Neev Primary Years, Yemalur and North Campus will remain closed until further notice. This is an official directive received as a preventive measure by the government. In the past few days, Neev has been carefully monitoring the quickly evolving worldwide health crisis resulting from the spread of COVID-19. It is important to remain calm at this time and avoid panic.

Although the school for the primary students is temporarily closed, learning will continue as follows:

  1. Virtual learning experiences that offer opportunities to focus on conceptual understanding, knowledge and skills
  2. Interactions involving a balance of on-screen and off-screen tasks, based on the digital capability and familiarity of class cohorts



  1. Tasks will be uploaded via the Veracross Parent Portal by end of each day, starting this evening by 4pm - this system will continue for the next 3 days
  2. The teachers will share 3 to 4 hour tasks that the children can continue to do each day while away from school. Please do login to keep yourself updated
  3. Teachers will also share the schedule by which tasks will have to be sent to school for feedback
  4. Student work folders will be readied by the teachers to send out Thursday afternoon. Since the school buses are plying, folders for the children on the bus routes, will be sent to the relevant stops, and those not on school transport plan will need to pick them up from school. The return of student work will be similarly handled.

If the school closure continues beyond the spring break (last week of March):


  1. We will switch to google classrooms to make learning more direct
  2. Students of Grade 5 are familiar with google classrooms and google drive and they will adapt quickly, maybe needing some minimal support
  3. Students of grades 1-4 will need parental support to transition to distance learning, and we will share more information for this
  4. This is, as expected, challenging for families. As parents you would need to think differently about how you can support your child; how you can create structures and routines that allow child to be successful; and how you can monitor your child’s learning.

We request you to utilise this time as an opportunity, to read and read more to, for and with your child. Take care and be safe.