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Being Knowledgeable

Enabling Environment

Building Relationships

Building knowledge, self-awareness and relationships with people and the environment to seek happy, healthy, impactful lives


Unique About Us

Grow to Read, Read to Grow

Effective early reading instructions enable students to become fluent readers who comprehend what they read. They apply and communicate their knowledge and skills in new contexts, and have a strong motivation to read more.

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Safe Learning Environment

Neev’s vision it to adopt global best practices in teaching and to create the best possible learning environment for children where they can explore and feel socially, emotionally and intellectually safe.

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Building relationships with people and environment

Our mission includes building relationships with people and the environment furthering the desired core values of living with Honor and Grace by treating humans, other living things and earth with consideration.

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Learning Continuum

Our curriculum consists of practices that have been developed over the years through research, planning and training.It aligns with the standards, readiness of the students, consistent feedbacks on learning and understanding.

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News & Stories

Neev Academy’s Next Orbit

For some time now, the world has been learning that the 'industrial' models for schools that may have worked well enough in the 19th Century are hardly adequate for the demands of today’s world. The world is VUCA, a term which means 'volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.' Change is instantaneous and exponential and asks schools to be agile and adaptive in addressing the changes.

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Queen of Ice – Igniting courage in us

The one book that I just can’t stop thinking about is 'Queen of Ice' written by Devika Rangachari. The plot revolves around a lame, but zealous princess in 10th century Kashmir struggling to prove that a kingdom without a king is not inevitably doomed. From the evolution of Princess Didda to Queen Didda, the one question she found asking herself was, "Did I achieve greatness?"

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Contemplations on Dhule

When we first arrived at Dhule I expected the trip to be nothing more than an educational one. I had read all about the different aspects of life in rural India – agriculture, animal husbandry, irrigation methods, etc. I was apprehensive about the difference between my textual knowledge and reality. Then again, reading Sadhana by Tagore and the Theory of Trusteeship by Mahatma Gandhi inspired me to look a little beyond the obvious and have a more insightful experience which would not have happened otherwise.

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As of June 2018 New North Campus is an IB PYP Candidate School