My son Vedanth joined Neev School in Koramangala as a pre-toddler and he is presently studying in Grade 1 C at Neev Academy. In all the 4 years that he has been with Neev, he has evolved from a shy, reticent single child into a caring and confident social being with strong moral convictions and complete awareness of his surrounding environment. He absolutely loves his school and can’t think of missing it for any reason.

We love the philosophy of the Neev School/Academy, where the interest of the Child and his learning comes before anything. The sheer unwavering focus on transforming the child into a complete, socially and morally conscious global human being, sets it far apart. The wonderful team of teachers at Neev academy headed by the dedicated Mrs Kavita fill us with the confidence that our child along with his talented friends will be able to imbibe and inculcate the learnings that are required for them to be good human beings with full ability to tap into their strengths and address their weaknesses in this ever-evolving global village.

Manjunath Nayaker