Neev Community

Why Join Our Neev Community

“Neev started as a dream 15 years ago, when all the preschools and schools in India that I looked at for my own children treated creative education as an alternative – We aimed to create an environment that went beyond either/or – to both/and - both creativity and rigour, both academics and arts, both learning and fun. That was Neev Indira Nagar, with 15 teachers, 50 kids. Today the Neev team has more than 200 teachers, and around 1200 kids. We aim to remain a small school, because we want to be impactful in the life of each individual learner, and because our influence will exist through being a lighthouse of excellence in education for a changing India. Our impact beyond the Neev community is through our litfest, our teacher training institute and our community school.”

Kavita Gupta Sabharwal

Founder & Managing Trustee, Neev Trust

Neev Reimagines excellence in education in a changing India, around the mission of ‘building knowledge, self-awareness and relationships with people and the environment to seek happy, healthy and impactful lives’. Neev’s strengths lie in its vision, and its 15 years experience, building 5 preschools and one Academy campus in Bangalore, and employs over 200 teaching professionals in a continuously growing team meeting the developmental needs of nearly 1200 children. It is recognized for its excellence in the geographies in which it exists. This excellence is built on small learning environments focused on learning and development that is differentiated, relevant and integrated – surrounded by constant reviews. Neev does not franchise, and believes in continuous organic growth - as the only way to scale quality and a necessity to grow its professionals.

Neev is a culture, ecosystem, and community of learning and growth for children and adults. 21st century learners need skills of collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication, but for these to be impactful they need to reflect on identity and community.

Learners must succeed academically and grow as humans. Educators must move beyond either/or. Neev does this for a small community but large scale change inspires our Teacher training institute.

Sustaining quality at Neev is built around strengthening Knowledge management – moving practices from a tacit, to an embedded to a codified level. Regular in-service training combined with inputs on-the-job happens around identified pillars of excellence in Teaching practise. The training is held up by structural solutions of people and documentation. This process is constantly reviewed. The journey is long and intense, and finding time is challenging. But where we stand in education today necessitates this hard process of knowledge management to bring the best to our children.

We believe that the building of schools is not about school buildings. We are the only city center IB school because we believe removing commutes is essential in Urban India. Our 15 acre campus has state of the art labs, sports fields, libraries, arts, classrooms with technology, and also warm independent student spaces, cafeteria, and inspiring greenery. Our governing board has great leaders that nurture good governance through regular reviews and systems. We select our teachers carefully, people who have mastery over their subjects, but also care about raising caring, disciplined, motivated learners. Our curriculum and systems of curriculum planning, assessments, and decisions informed by data help us to keep track of everything all the time. Finally, we choose to remain a small school, because every child is an individual - and we love to be part of each unique journey.

Choosing Neev, is about moving beyond either/or, choosing global learning with identity, choosing relationships and intrinsic motivation. Neev is a 21st century learning environment that brings the world into the decisions our students make, while nurturing values and passions, and raising caring individuals that seek great impact in their life.

Join us, because we believe that in high quality teaching and learning - anything worth doing is worth overdoing!