Our Purpose

Our Purpose

NTTI aligns with the needs of India, as highlighted by NEP2020, and made very apparent with recent challenges in education. India is unique in its compulsions for education or cost effective solutions needed and capabilities or motivations of its education force, and therefore needs a deep understanding of both aspects, to achieve effective solutions. It is possible that some existing solutions will fit the needs at the right efficacy and cost, but likely that much will have to be reimagined. NTTI exists in this context to build solutions for:

  • Training teachers, school leaders and other education professionals (including HR, edtech, etc. that impact education significantly) beyond Neev
  • Training Neev staff through induction, and stepping up skills as needed
  • Training fresh interns, to bring them into education as a new pool of talent for transformative pedagogy
  • Engage with education policy in India and possibly beyond
  • Curriculum and programme development for specific disciplines, and for Indian boards
  • Research & publishing in education - action research and others

Of these focus areas, the top three are priorities for the short- and medium-term, and the fourth and fifth (education policy in India, curriculum development on a broad scale) can be incorporated into a long-term strategic plan. The very last bullet (research and publication) may be at the top or parallel with all since it will be necessary for the team to conduct research prior to putting together modules and full-fledged programs. Publications MAY derive from this as well, though more so as a desirable by-product than a must-have outcome.

NTTI is more than just a training institute, it is also a think tank, but with a desire of pragmatism that supports its aspiration. It is an institute within Neev, and its name and structure needs reimagining for no really effective precedents exist in India, as evidenced by the absence of quality education or teaching talent at large. NEP2020 and its desired impact on formal education, and the distance that formal teacher training institutes are at from this vision lays the ground for NTTI.

Desired Impacts

For Children

Achieving successful and sustainable models for education and development of children to not just be 'grade machines' but creative problem solvers that seek an education that is purposeful and driven by their passions, as disciplinary thinkers rather than content digesters.

For Teachers

Changing image of teacher - teacher as a researcher, continuous learner, change agent, leader and indeed a strong professional. To shift the paradigm from teaching as a 'leftover' profession to a 'first choice' career. To train at a cost effective level that meets the needs of the 'customer' - first neev, then other schools, then larger low cost education or government schools, without compromising on quality.

We believe great teachers make great schools and our Training Institute is venturing into empowering great teachers.