Our Vision & Programmes

Our Vision & Programmes

Teacher training in India needs an uplift to fulfil the very sizable requirement for quality teachers. Neev will offer Early years, Primary and Secondary years educators the opportunity to empower themselves and dive deep into effective teaching and learning practices that will give them the confidence and capacity to step into any classroom. Opening up new avenues and opportunities for educators to extend their understanding, build on teaching practices and prepare for a future classroom is our endeavor and passion now and in the future.

Neevs teacher training institute intends to meet the need of teachers across socio-economic strata – from elite urban schools who can afford choices to government schools and rural learning centers where teacher training suffers from poverty of access and motivation. We plan to launch programmes in a phased way, starting with short-burst, skills focussed courses and lecture series to more intense longer duration courses.

Reimagining excellence in a changing India starts with education reform. Education is an endeavour of profound optimism because it believes that the world and people can change. Educators need ability beyond content knowledge - understanding how children learn, planning for impactful teaching, assessing for continuous growth, building self-esteem and relationships, and using technology as a lever. We aspire to nurture the capability of educators through multiple training models through long degrees, short burst training modules, and inspiring lectures.

Phase 1

Launch in July 2022. This would have two parts

  1. Shortburst modules for immediate classroom use in Early years, Primary years, Middle years and High School:

    • Language and literacy teaching
    • Growing readers for life: From reading assessment to reading journeys
    • Inquiry based teaching
    • Play based teaching
    • Environment as third teacher : Learning environments for self-directed learning
    • Technology in teaching and learning : From digital citizenship to teaching tools and strategies
    • Classroom management through powerful lesson planning
    • Differentiated teaching and learning in the classroom
    • Planning, observation, assessment
    • Building age appropriate research methodology
    • Bringing glocal developments into your classroom

    These would be for a duration of 4 weeks with after school and weekend classes

  2. Expert lectures - Saturday morning speaking series by inspiring experts from around the world, on topics from social learning, to online learning, rethinking assessments, etc. Options for signing up for single lectures or the full year of expert lectures

These will be for active teachers, who need problem solving on specific areas of their teaching.

Phase 2

Launch in April 2023

Medium duration courses - each module lasts 3 - 6 months, with the option of combining modules into year long focussed diploma for identified age groups or purposes.

These will be for recent teaching graduates, starting jobs, who need to learn how to hit the ground running, or for active teachers. The courses will be offered in two formats - full time midweek and part-time afternoon classes.

Phase 3

Campus connect with existing teacher training institutes, where we work with empanelled teacher training colleges and universities, to build their capability and connect them with the requirements of the new world of education, learners and India.