Programme Coordinator/Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator

Summary :

  • Neev recognizes and promotes the role of the MYP Coordinator as a pedagogical leader.
  • In addition to being a great teacher, you will be part of the school’s leadership team that works collaboratively to ensure that the IB programmes are delivered to the highest standard possible.
  • As Orchestrators you steer the process of change at a distance by facilitating the process from within and by getting things in place through a process resembling orchestration and carrying out three major tasks
  • Managing dependencies between activities and good coordination is nearly invisible and most often recognised when it is lacking, requiring support from the teaching staff to be successful in the role.
  • Coordinators must provide a flexible environment through differentiated support to allow teachers opportunity, incentive, and time to change their own classroom practices, and experiment with teaching approaches to discover practices that work for Neev.

Reports to - Section Head

Main working relationships - Section Head, Department HODs, Teachers, IB

Main Responsibilities :  Work with the Section Head to coordinate, lead, and ensure effective curriculum planning and recording.

Person specification :

  • A deep understanding of the MYP and a desire to understand the PYP and DP curriculum.
  • Exhibit a global view and display knowledge in STEM, Humanities, Arts.
  • Appreciate reading for knowledge and experience.
  • A thorough understanding of processes and documentation requirements for the MYP.
  • Willingness to lead through collaboration, and develop a coherent team approach to the implementation and delivery of the Programme
  • Be a pedagogical coach for the programme putting the needs of other educators above their own.
  • Active in driving the programmes, curriculum development and curriculum organisation.
  • Assist the programme head in organising the programme on a day to day basis, including forward planning, general admin, programme events and professional development.
  • Ability to plan, deliver and evaluate lessons which stimulate and motivate students to learn.
  • Must understand the learner and appreciate the diversity that exists amongst the learners at Neev.
  • High level of cultural awareness and international mindedness.

Day to day Responsibilities :

  • Maintaining a 40- 50% teaching schedule, the remaining portion of the time is spent working closely with the section head, sharing the responsibility of pedagogical leadership, by ensuring that the program is taught, planned and assessed collaboratively at all instructional levels.
  • Unit planning & assessments.
  • Facilitate discussions with teachers on pedagogical aspects of the programme.
  • Ensure all procedures and timelines are strategically planned and followed for authorisation and evaluation.
  • Work with the Section Head regarding programme curriculum issues to resolve them effectively.


  • Promote understanding of and the use of all current programme documents are made available to all programme staff members.
  • Lead the process of developing and / or reviewing the school’s curriculum documents, including the Programme of Inquiry/SGO, Grade level yearly overviews, programme scope and sequence documents etc.
  • Ensure the development of a programme action plan based on the IBO standards, practices, and commendations while also ensuring implementation of recommendations from evaluation visits, and alignment with the schools mission.
  • Ensure that curriculum/programme, and student documentation is up to date and stored in the relevant area with a clear, shared architecture so that all stakeholders have easy access

Professional Development:

  • Encourage academic staff to join a range of online platforms (blogs, social media, webinars,in-house trainings, etc.) in order to further support the ongoing nature of their Professional Development and their role as an educator.
  • Assist professional learning sessions with educators and others as required.
  • Collaborate with the Section Head to take decisions regarding programme professional development opportunities.
  • Assist in recognising additional professional learning needs and opportunities to support development within the MYP team, including up-skilling staff on the new programme enhancements or relevant information when appropriate.

Documentation and Resource Management: :

  • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources to support the implementation of the programme in the classroom.
  • Be responsible for the establishment and overseeing of an inventory of resources.
  • Keep record of all PD provided including in-school workshops, online workshops, external workshops and training programs attended etc. for the evaluation forms / IB visits / action plans.
  • Openness in reviewing documents is mandatory.
  • Prepare and submit any documentation required for evaluation.
  • Ensure that all requirements and procedures set by the IB, concerning the programme, are adhered to.
  • Participate in the formation of the school’s strategic development plan
  • Ensures that Formative and Summative Assessments timelines are maintained
  • Unit Planning is complete and in depth
  • Scope and Sequence is for each subject is followed


  • Provide a liaison between the school and the IB.
  • Ensure the programme philosophy and framework is understood and implemented
  • Model IB best practises, and share IB updates (subject/area specific and coordinator updates) and best practises regularly
  • Work with colleagues to produce planning and assessment documents and attend additional collaborative planning sessions.
  • Develop a clear assessment policy aligned with the needs of the programmes, all teaching areas, showing continuous progress, and meeting the needs of the community