Director – Teacher Training Institute

Position Summary:

This is a leadership position reporting to the Founder of Neev Trust to spearhead Neev’s long-term vision of developing the teaching profession in India. The roadmap for NTTI envisages piloting teacher training programs, initially for internal teachers of Neev, to test the curriculum as ‘proof of concept’, and later expand the Institute as not just a  provider of quality “in-service” teacher training to a broader set of teachers from other schools, but also develop pedagogy and practise in learning areas. While Neev offers IB and ICSE programs, NTTI’s long-term vision is to be Board agnostic and design, develop and impart teaching & learning practices to teachers from all categories of schools.

The key accountability of this position is to translate the above vision by setting up the Teacher Training Institute. This would require researching causes and of the challenges in teaching/teacher quality, establishing possible models that will work, and then conceptualizing and designing the contours of the Institute as an organization as well as the curriculum, incorporating best-in-class global teaching & learning practices. Hence the initial focus would be on building a team and putting in place organizational processes which will help deliver a seamless execution. Neev believes in running ‘not-for-loss’, because either we fund ourselves or are always dependent on others writing cheques, and thus changing priorities. This Institute is envisaged to have an arm that is a revenue-generating and another that is pro-bono, and thus the role also demands fiduciary responsibility, market focus and accountability of business development while always achieving the greater good.

Key Deliverables:

NTTI aligns with the needs of India, as highlighted by NEP2020, and made very apparent with recent challenges in education. India is unique in its compulsions for education or cost effective solutions needed and capabilities or motivations of its education force, and therefore needs a deep understanding of both aspects, to achieve effective solutions. It is possible that some existing solutions will fit the needs at the right efficacy and cost, but likely that much will have to be reimagined. NTTI exists in this context and the key deliverables would be to build solutions for:

1. Training teachers, school leaders and other education professionals (including HR, edtech, etc. that impact education significantly) beyond Neev

2. Develop & design programs to deliver on training Neev staff through induction, and stepping up skills as needed

3. Training fresh interns, to bring them into education as a new pool of talent for transformative pedagogy

4. Engage with education policy in India and possibly beyond

5. Develop Curriculum and programmes for specific disciplines, and for Indian boards

6. Build eventually high quality research & publishing in education - action research and others

The growth of NTTI is envisaged in three phases, as listed below.
The role will also accordingly evolve as we move from one phase to the other.

Work phases Phase 1
Thinking about it..
Phase 2
Working on it..
Phase 3
Living it and aiming for ‘what if…?’
Suggested Timeline

6-12 months


12-24 months


TBD (Can easily be parallel to the first two phases, based on capacity)


Programme Development

Programme Development Initial work focuses on surveying, understanding needs and gaps, and defining future pathways.

Training the initial cohorts of teachers for Neev.

Designing training modules and materials before NTTI can actually be launched based on the surveys and gap analysis.

Building credibility towards that bigger picture, we might launch some programmes for outside teachers also initially. It can be simple things like lecture series, podcasts, short training modules, etc. in this phase.

Starting to think about licensing and marketing.

Internship programme for a new teaching force.

Registered courses for a foreign university.

Starting the design of Teacher Training for virtual and physical presence.

Weekend courses for teacher training for fee-paying teachers (with Indian affiliation) for face-to-face, online and blended courses.

Learning lab at Neev - Each NTTI lead establishes an initiative within Neev as establishing a discovery practice. This need not be teaching directly, but maybe opportunities for students or teachers like an Innovation lab, Pedagogical practices, Authentic or issue-based writing, Research publishing, Action research, etc.

Lower socioeconomic strata or Government school teachers.

Longer term courses.

Establish long-term licensing and marketing plans.

Person Profile:

The incumbent for this position needs to be strategic in her/his perspective of the Indian Education landscape. The best person for this position would be someone who currently has the competencies to run Phase 1, develop Phase 2 and visualise Phase 3 mentioned above and is passionate about building a marquee institution in the teacher training space. The person should have worked at some stage in their career on the following:

  • Developed quality curriculum with depth and breadth

  • Taught structured, progressive programmes for K-12 or other age groups, preferably also trained adults

  • Conducted quality research in education preferably backed by published papers

  • Synthesised and articulated views on education in media or other platforms

  • Managed a team with direct reporting

  • Ran and operated an educational institution/team/programme

  • Worked with technology

  • Interfaced with educational Boards and understanding the philosophy of NEP and its impact on the future of Indian education

  • Explored impact within education &/or beyond, to influence the greater good

  • Networked to even a limited extent with the education/training fraternity in India or abroad


Reports to – Founder Neev Trust