head of school

“A healthy living system is a good learner and can thrive even though its environment is moving toward increasing disorder. To do so it must be actively engaged and aware.” - Margaret Wheatley

Welcome to Neev Academy where each person, whether child or adult, is on a journey toward embodying our Mission,building knowledge, self-awareness and relationships with people and the environment to seek happy, healthy, impactful lives. At Neev, we value our work on getting to know each learner and redefining access to learning from the perspective of each learner through active engagement and awareness of self and others.

Like the rest of the world, India is at an exciting time of change. The world is described as VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Neev Academy’s Vision of Reimagining Education for a Changing India enacts an environment where relationships, evolving identity and developing capacity and pathways for self-authorship.

It is a remarkable time to be part of reimagining India and redesigning ways our lives might impact the world. In a VUCA world, Neev Academy is a safe place to dream, design, and do toward our destiny.

Education is a human endeavour of great optimism. Often, we do not see the results of our work until our children are beyond our sphere of influence. I am inspired daily by the ways through which Neev Academy creates a culture of extraordinary care, personal learning pathways, and a programme that is both inclusive and rigorous. Please visit us and experience for yourself the many ways that our community strives to inspire the future.

Dr. Aloha Lavina
Head of School

As of June 2018 New North Campus is an IB PYP Candidate School