Changing world of education

The very basis of what knowledge is and how we absorb it is changing. These changes are coming out of 3 forces:

  • Brain research
  • Digital revolution
  • Globalisation

How the brain's structure and function dictates behaviour is beginning to become clear, creating a better understanding of desired interventions. A growing body of research shows that different learning styles come from brains that are wired differently, but also how effective teaching can rewire the fantastic, elastic brain, with its unlimited pathways that can be fired up and extended. Early research indicates growth of new nerve cells is possible beyond the first 8 years of life replacing past beliefs; new neuron generation intriguingly combines triggers of experiential learning and physical activity.

The digital revolution impacts how people access data, think and learn, what information they access, and what they learn. Information goes around the world in seconds. Newspapers are becoming irrelevant; textbooks are quickly outdated. In a world where Google knows everything content matters less than knowing how to use knowledge and how to make connections. This requires skills and the capacity to construct new learning, together with people, who could be in different locations.

Globalisation creates the need to balance local issues with global ones. The sustainability of the planet with a huge population, needs and understanding of interconnected global issues like global warming, poverty, environmental crises, terrorism, endemic / epidemic /pandemic infectious disesases, etc. that need people to share the planet, share humanity and share a rule book - we are connected by geopolitics, germs and globalisation. Meeting these issues needs strong roots and an understanding of identity and diversity, to impact voice and choice, so that learners are a part of the world, more than just a cog in the wheel, bringing unique values and thought process, to contribute uniquely.The world of knowledge is changing and old tools cannot meet the new challenges that matter most for the universe to survive, challenges that are interconnected and can only be solved by working together.

Education needs to be reimagined.