Changing Learner

Children today are more capable, more powerful because of the world they can access. Kids can teach themselves pretty much anything today. And some do, though not all. In a world of digital distractions many are easily bored and disengage. Many kids have greater curiosity, but reducing grit, and need intrinsic motivation and a desire to learn.

Kids want to be respected to respect adults who care. They often understand much more than a didactic classroom can offer. The school system, and outdated assessments of misunderstood skills and capability disillusions kids. Kids can access facts easily, but are looking for adults that care and inspire, that give authentic feedback at the right time, and recognise and build needed skills, they seek experiences that challenge them, make them collaborate, for social learning is true motivation. They seek deep engagement. They need to discover for themselves who they are, and use this self awareness or mirror to imagine their future, to make unique choices for this future.

The job of teachers is changing to being facilitators, to provoking learning, creating tasks thatpush the boundary, and then recognise skill gaps, and know that skills are the connective tissue for everything.