Today’s Child

Neev’s mission, our practices, our constant improvements in curriculum is driven by the needs of today’s child.

Being Local before Global
International schools are a misnormer today. International refers to the perspective of the world’s constituent parts, nations, states and their relationships with each other. “Global” refers to the perspective of the planet as a whole. Sharp distinctions between the “local”, “national” and “global” are blurring in the face of emerging institutions and technologies that transcend modern nation states. New challenges that are not defined by traditional boundaries call for students to develop the agility and imagination they need for living productively in a complex world. Today’s child needs to be First Local, then Global so they bring that special self to the rest of the world to be part of global.

Multiculturalism versus Multiliguism
Understanding the local is about geography, history, identity, politics, culture, arts and much else – including Language. As part of the global child - Learning to communicate in a variety of ways in more than one language is fundamental to the development of intercultural competence. This is not just about mother tongue or regional or foreign languages –-intercultural understanding involves recognizing ones own identity and reflecting on one’s own perspective, as well as the perspectives of others; its about evaluating critically many beliefs, values, experiences, forms of expression and ways of knowing. The goal of understanding the world’s rich cultural heritage. Today’s child needs to be able to communicate with that complex world.

Understand the working of Today’s World
A child today needs to understand the working of the world – understanding the science, technology, humanities, arts, math of the world around us. Anything they choose to do, in whichever field they choose to be – will only be successful with that deep understanding from any one or more of those sources of understanding the world. They need to understand how the world functions today, the changes happening around the world that will define what tomorrow looks like – before being a part of tomorrow.

Balanced Development
Todays child is about balanced development – the recognition of the 3 pillars: Academic excellence, critical thinking skills and Personal social and emotional development. Its about the fact that happiness comes from many sources – learning, friends, family, identity, questioning, thinking, having broad knowledge and also specific expertise having the right attitude - zest and perseverance, motivation for learning. And happiness surely comes from way more than academic or later financial success – from ability to develop and maintain relationships to make a difference to the world.

Individualised Development
Individualised development – no two children are the same, there are many kinds of smart – given the right input for development of skills and confidence each one will succeed.
In this changing and increasingly complex world and the changing need of today’s child – how might we re-think learning?

That is what drives Neev Academy. These facets of todays child are like paired forces – they pull and push – and it’s our job to work in a balanced way to develop on all sides with the right perspective.