Student Life

The student life at Neev Academy is sprinkled with whole school assemblies, individual class presentations, field trips as provocations and learning process and expert visits to debate with and dive deep into the content besides their own individual and group presentations along with their regular academic classes.

They have sessions of novel reading, music, yoga, sports, theatre, alongside those of sciences, languages, math and humanities keep an exciting and high level of engagement of students with each other and their teachers all through the school day. Students have many opportunities to learn from their peer, from teachers, from environmental print and displays created by themselves depicting their own journey of learning. They have easy access to library and internet facilities, both in class and in the many common spaces to meet and exchange their thoughts and opinions. Over time, as the interests and thoughts of students further crystallize, various hobby clubs ranging from cooking, gardening, school band, movies, theatre and reading clubs are emerging.
At Neev Academy, the students start their day at 8 am and finish their day at 3 pm.

At Neev Academy, we offer the following additional services to the students:

Many of our students use the school bus service. This is available for all students on the routes
that have been pre-planned by our Transport team for the academic year. To All buses are registered school buses and driven by experienced and licensed drivers; and there is also a
female supervisor on each bus who ensures that seat belts are worn and children travel safely. Several of our teachers also use the school bus service to commute to school so there is always atleast one teacher on the bus as well. All students who use the school transport are expected to adhere to the Transport Policy.

For more information about transport, contact our transport team:
Monday to Friday: 8 am - 5 pm; Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm
Tel: 080-32568780/81 / +91-9663525522

Since our students spend a major part of their time through the day with us, we cater to their nutrition needs. We educate our students on the value of eating healthy and eating together and they regularly participate in discussions around food and the nutritional choices they make for a healthy lifestyle.

At school we provide breakfast every day along with milk and cookies during short breaks and the option of signing up for the hot lunch (see sample menu). Enrolling your child for the hot lunch option is encouraged and on a lighter note, gives you a little more quality time with your child in the morning while we take care of his/her dietary needs.

For more information about food, contact our food committee:
Monday to Friday: 8 am - 5 pm; Saturday: 9 am - 1 pm
Tel: 080-32568780/81