Our Vision

The dream of Neev is a co-created one with the Neev community of teachers, parents and children – to be the benchmark of excellence in education in a changing India. This journey rides on the strengths of many wings – of people who dare to jump off cliffs all the time and build wings on the way down.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is a living statement that we want to revisit regularly with children and teachers, unpacking it and building practices to achieve it.

The Neev mission - Building knowledge, self-awareness and relationships with people and the environment to seek happy, healthy, impactful lives

Our Core Values:

We work towards achieving our vision, mission and core values by:

  • Developing interests and knowledge
  • Being willing to take up challenging goals in pursuit of excellence in all we do
  • Knowing and understanding the world, where it comes from & where its going – historically, culturally and environmentally
  • Becoming strong communicators
  • Nurturing independence in action, skills and thought consciously
  • Building strong personal relationships, being easy to access and sharing knowledge
  • Respecting the environment in which we exist – the place, the people, the issues
  • Developing individual ability while contributing to building a stronger team
  • Differentiating the urgent from the important and acting relevantly
  • Building positive habits through routines
  • Creating room for play - laughter, games and exploration – in everything
  • Balancing cost-quality-scale in growth of the organisation

These guidelines define everything at Neev – our curriculum, our teaching & learning practices, our interactions and our learning environments

Our Goals:

  • No child or teacher joining Neev should leave without completing their journey
  • To exist as a not-for-loss enterprise through balancing our trinity of cost-quality-scale.
  • To grow organically to meet the needs of the Neev community of students, teachers and parents
  • To aim to be the benchmark of excellence in children’s education & care in India